Automated Software Testing Tools

Automated software testing tools like testwizard deliver a one-stop-solution for all different types of QA testing, from simple component tests to complex cross-device end-to-end user journeys.

The end-user experience is becoming increasingly important. The quality of your products and services determines whether your customers will remain loyal. To ensure you deliver the best possible quality, you need to test every aspect of your products in all possible circumstances.

Meet testwizard.

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testwizard offers:

  • One integrated testing tool for all your devices (smart TV, iOS & android devices, set-top boxes, web applications, IoT devices, amongst others)
  • End-to-end test automation of complete user journeys
  • Easy creation of test scripts by recording actions
  • Intuitive wizard support for complex commands (WaitForPattern, WaitForColor, …)
  • Supports multiple test scripting languages (Lua, JavaScript, Typescript & Python)
  • Remote manual testing on any device
  • Expert support for your test strategy, -process and -policy, tool set-up, and more.

How testwizard works

With testwizard, you manage test scenarios with a simple and effective two-step approach.

Write scripts

  • The intuitive user interface is specifically designed for script developers to create and manage complex tests scripts swiftly and productively.

Execute scripts

  • Test managers can schedule and verify automated tests with equal ease.
  • A reporting module is available for management reporting purposes.
  • testwizard has an open environment allowing integrations with third-party products, such as continuous integration and issue tracking. Thanks to its flexible and extensible design, you can customize testwizard as you go to meet your specific QA process and needs.
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Versatile & Adaptable

Our place or yours? We aimed to develop a versatile automated testing tool that can be adapted to the specific needs of any market. Therefore testwizard is available as an on-premises or TAaaS (Test Automation as a service) solution. Select the solution that works best for your projects and organisation.

The on-premises license allows you to host testwizard yourself. It is the perfect solution when you have both time and experience in writing test scripts. When you cannot move your physical test objects to another location, then go for this option.

  • You install the testwizard software on your servers.
  • You configure the test robot and devices yourself.
  • You write and execute the automated test scripts.

Always with access to our experts, should you need them. They can also help you writing and executing test scripts.

When you choose the TaaS solution, we will host and configure testwizard for you. It is the perfect solution when you do not want to invest in a server infrastructure or in a team to write and run automated tests.

  • We develop the automated tests for your test scenarios.
  • We run your automated tests.
  • We generate management reports.
  • You can fully focus on testing and improving your devices.

What our customers say about testwizard

PŸUR (Tele Columbus)

"The support over the last months has been exceptionally good. As soon as a question arose, you were there to help us. I would also like to mention that the flexibility during the demo phase was particularly noticeable."

PŸUR (Tele Columbus)

Conny Rutenberg


"With more than 23 years of working experience in the IT sector, I can truly say that the testwizard training was one of the very few trainings which kept my attention at all times. I was so eager to learn about the tool that I couldn’t wait for the breaks to finish! We are very keen on using the tool to test set-top boxes, mobile and web applications."

A1 Bulgaria

Ivaylo Petrov, Senior Manager IT and Digital Transformation Area


"Thanks to testwizard we are now perfectly capable to work from home. We can easily access the boxes that are located in our office.


Alec Dijkshoorn, Director Software Development

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