Resillion delivers comprehensive cyber security services to protect your organisation from cyber threats. Our team of experts use cutting-edge tools and methodologies to identify vulnerabilities, provide solutions, and improve & integrate cyber security in your organisation. This encompasses a range of activities across the end-to-end lifecycle, to build and engineer out vulnerabilities and defects. We protect your people, processes, and technology through security assessments, risk management, managed services, emergency response, and security engineering.

Our Approach

Resillion distinguishes itself by guiding organisations in the world of cybersecurity with effective state-of-the-art systems with a human touch. We make the complex, rapidly changing security world intuitive, accessible and understandable, and gives people and organisation control over their security. We take organisations by the hand, are convincingly innovative and progressive and at the same time, we are honest and approachable. This approach results in a harmonious relationship between people and technology.

Areas we focus on

  • Connected Devices
  • Mobile & Web Applications
  • IT Infrastructure
  • People
  • Processes

Cyber Managed Services

Focus on your organisation’s operations whilst we focus on protecting it.

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Cyber Risk Management

Manage security risk in a coordinated, cohesive and consistent manner across all business units and functions.

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Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Prepare for any information security incident by knowing exactly who to call, at the right time.

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Security Assessment

Keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape. Identify vulnerabilities before attackers do.

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Security Engineering

Cloud transformation, SecOps as a service and DDoS Detection/Protection to make your business safe.

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    Crest Accreditation Resillion
    Check Penetration Testing
    RvA L690 Accreditation
    ISO 27001
    ISO 9001 Resillion
    CCV Cyber Pentest
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