Borne from the expertise of Eurofins Scientific’s Digital Testing, Cyber Security, Digital Forensics and Content divisions, Resillion brings together over 700 experts with a passion for making IoT work and delivering the best in testing technologies.


我谨代表美国ATSC官方以及美国知名商业广播公司和网络高层代表,特邀请您参加我们72日在香港举行的ATSC 3.0/NEXTGEN TV研讨会。这次活动旨在为ATSC 3.0/NEXTGEN TV在美国市场的快速发展提供深入了解和合作机会。 



  • 了解NEXTGEN TVATSC市场的动态 
  • 了解美国市场,获取进入市场的最佳途径以及有效的设备分销方式 
  • 有机会与PearlATSC官方以及中国制造业同行进行交流 









Resillion is a global company with end-to-end capabilities: no matter your industry, your geographical location, or stage in your digital journey. With offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, Resillion will be by your side. Helping you and your organisation realise your ambitions in cyber security, testing of digital media content and quality assurance. 

Within the technology industry, you must be confident that what you bring to market actually works in the connected world. Making this work or, as we like to put it, “getting you the green to go”, is the promise Resillion makes to you.

Whether, testing, certification, (software) development, cyber security, or data-protection, the experts at Resillion do whatever it takes. We work as long and hard as necessary to get you to market. 

Resillion is backed by Stirling Square, a company experienced in driving businesses forward, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and delivering outperformance. Stirling Square is headquartered in London but is also global in its outlook and reach.  

Our offering

Software Testing

World class quality assurance software testing company. Partnering with leading brands to deliver technological visions to market.

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Cyber Security Testing

Our experience, independency, locations and the range of services and engagement models make us a truly unique partner for your ever-changing and personalised demands for security.

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Device Testing

With our experience of delivering solutions for testing against multiple criteria we provide the best-in-class automated test tools for device conformance, functional testing, and performance testing.

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Media Content QC

Media Content QC

Digital content testing and quality control ensuring flawless media content for your audience.

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