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Resillion is a global leader in independent Quality Assurance, (QA), testing and cyber security for software systems and devices with operations in Belgium, China, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA. We help businesses in mediatech, fintech, energy, governmental and the other industries assure quality in their digital transformations towards Industry 4.0.

About Resillion

Why become our Channel Partner?

  • You will have the backing of a world leader in digital testing and cyber security
  • A comprehensive marketing program supported by attractive additional discounts.
  • Your corporate logo featured on the Resillion website
  • Training and support for your staff, provided by our experts
  • In-country exhibition and event support (Diamond and Ruby level)

Access to a comprehensive portfolio of products and services including:

Penetration Testing
Testwizard, our end-to-end test automation platform for any application on any device
CPE Testing, Voice and Data Gateway Quality Assurance
IoT Testing, ensure cyber security is a key aspect of your connected device’s quality
SOC/Incident Response, detect, response and manage a cyber attack
vCISO, Get the services – and experience – of an in-house Security Officer scaled to your organisation’s needs

Partner Levels

We have three levels of partnership: Jade, Ruby and, our highest, Diamond.

For occasional but regular business we welcome Channel Partners in the Jade Program.
Jade Partners enjoy general support and an attractive discount level.

Training: No
Deliver support to customer: Limited
Quarterly revenue target: No
Quarterly marketing plan: No


Partners that can provide a forecast of regular quarterly revenue and that actively market Resillion products and services are invited to join on Ruby level. The ability to give limited technical support to customers is required.

You will have access to Resillion’s consultancy and attractive additional discounts.

A joined marketing program makes part of Ruby level.

Training: Recommended
Deliver support to customer: Yes
Quarterly revenue target: Yes
Quarterly marketing plan: Appreciated

Diamond Partners forecast and commit to a quarterly target and have access to Resillion’s Consultancy and the Resillion’s Best Practises Database. This is one of the largest Cyber Security databases worldwide and gives valuable background data on nearly all network situations and operations.

Full support to Customers is required after training.

Quarterly commitment on revenue and marketing efforts will entitle Diamond Partners to even more attractive discounts and an extended marketing program.

Training: Compulsory
Deliver support to customer: Yes
Quarterly revenue target: Yes
Quarterly marketing plan: Compulsory

Some of our channel partners

Resillion is a highly regarded worldwide leader in cyber security and privacy. Our teams of experts are constantly working with organisations of all sizes to ensure they are best placed to face all security challenges.

Our Channel Partner Program is a unique opportunity for established ICT related companies with a customer base in cyber security and digital testing to join with us and offer our portfolio of testing services and products as part of their own.

Partners have the opportunity to offer services such comprehensive Penetration Tests, our Cyber Security Health Check and testwizard test automation platform and much more. Think you qualify? Apply below.

Some of our Channel Partners: 

CO-OP Funding Program

The CO-OP funding program is based on revenue that can be recognized in a certain fiscal quarter. For the following quarter a percentage of the recognized revenue (depending upon the Partnership Level) is made available for marketing, advertising, trade shows, etc.

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