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The increasing dominance of renewable sources, homes and businesses generating their own energy, plus electric vehicles becoming mainstream, is causing significant upheaval in the marketplace.

Aged infrastructures are being upgraded and smart metering systems are fuelling new dynamics in generation and usage, coupled with smart apps that give consumers extra control.

Power networks are critical to everyday life, more so now than ever before, enduring the pressure from consumers and must be protected from cyber attacks that shut down entire networks or components of the infrastructure.

Launch Apps, Devices and Business Strategies with Confidence

We regularly test smart meters and other devices involved in electricity generation and consumption. This can also be expanded across the digital landscape to include web and mobile application testing, or software testing of your new energy management tools, control systems, or even payment systems for electric vehicle charging.

We can also help with your broader business development and change management through our process improvement strategies that include test automation and Agile approaches, preparing you to take on the challenges in this marketplace and win.

Harness the power of innovative solutions for both mission-critical systems and back-office operations and that deploy robust defences against potential cyber-crime. Choose the best technologies with built-in efficiency and effectiveness, and reduce business risk and enhance operational performance across a vast range of applications and requirements.

Test expertise, test management, test environment management & automation support for consulting firm Baringa

Test expertise, test management, test environment management & automation support for consulting firm Baringa

Resillion works in collaboration with Baringa, an award winning management consultancy to support its utility based customers. This has included providing test expertise, test management, test environment management and automation support to several key UK based utility companies undertaking major programmes of work.

A complete test service for Power Company Scotland

Resillion has a rich pedigree in working within the utilities sector stretching back a number of years. This has given us a strong awareness and experience of the overall environment in which the industry operates and the key challenges it faces now and in the future.
We are the test partner of choice for a major power company based in Scotland providing a complete test service supporting all four of its key workstreams.

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