Cyber security breaches are fast becoming both the top risk and worst-case scenario for businesses, with both the direct and indirect impacts of a data breach being experienced in multiple ways. Prepare for any information security incident by knowing exactly who to call, at the right time.

Often, organisations believe they have correctly discovered the source of the breach, but an independent, forensic investigation conducted by our UKAS 17025 accredited lab can bring new evidence to light, meaning that other parts of your existing security structure can be evaluated and improved upon.

Incident response and recovery

You think you’ve just been breached – what next? Every moment you wait results in further infiltration. Resillion’s trained incident responders assist in identifying a breach, containing it, and providing the next steps for remediation action in collaboration with your security teams.

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Computer & mobile forensics

Digital evidence manages the impact of significant business risks and supports a legal defence, but only if handled appropriately, with large amounts of unseen data retained within the device that can determine the outcome of an investigation. Our specialised forensic experts collaborate with you to preserve the evidence and allow you to operate as usual, increasing your resilience to threats.

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Employee data theft

Many of us have access to a wide range of data, a large part classed as sensitive, data poses a risk to your organisation if released to either a competitor, the general public or got into the wrong hands. It is imperative to ensure that your organisational data is secure, and you have visibility on where your data is.

Forensic readiness

Retrieve data exactly when you need for a successful investigation outcome and avoid reputational damage or regulatory fines. Forensic investigation is usually reactive, taking place after an incident has occurred. A lack of experience in sourcing, processing or handling digital data can prove detrimental in an incident. Forensic Readiness ensures that your organisation is prepared and knows what to do before an incident occurs.

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