Embracing change

We live and work in a digital age and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next step on the digitalisation journey. To adapt, innovate and thrive in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s imperative businesses embrace AI, yet many are struggling to deploy it effectively. Without the right technical leadership and guidance, businesses often find themselves overwhelmed by the range of AI options, unsure which solution to choose or how to implement it for optimal results.

That’s why we’ve developed our AI Partnering Strategy – to help businesses move on from legacy systems and take full advantage of all that AI has to offer.

Going on the AI journey with you

Our Resillion AI Partnering Strategy is designed to guide you through the world of AI, helping you to identify the specific benefits it can deliver across your whole delivery lifecycle. From Business Assurance to Software Assurance, Quality Engineering, Software Testing, Quality Intelligence and Cyber Security, our partnership works alongside you to ensure AI meets your unique business needs.

And deploying AI alongside our quality engineering solutions means you’re also guaranteed flawless software performance, enhanced cyber security and a best-in-class client experience.

Unleash the benefits of AI

Comprehensive cyber security

AI enhances your quality assurance and cyber security with powerful automated testing based on actual usage patterns.

With our robust AI security testing protocols, we can identify bugs, cyber vulnerabilities and performance issues more effectively. And, by supporting the analysis of code, data and user interactions, it can significantly improve your software quality.

Powerful intelligence analytics

AI’s exceptional ability to analyse vast amounts of data generated throughout the software delivery lifecycle, provides valuable insights and actionable recommendations.

By identifying patterns, trends and correlations, it can help organisations to make data-driven decisions that optimise processes and drive better business outcomes.

Enhanced predictive maintenance

AI can monitor and analyse software systems and delivery processes in real-time – detecting potential issues and predicting failures before they occur.

By proactively problem-solving, it reduces downtime, enhances reliability and improves overall user experience.

Ultra-personalised user experiences

By analysing user behaviour, preferences and context, AI enables a more personalised user experience than ever before.

It adapts software features, interfaces and interactions to meet individual user needs - enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement.

Automated efficiency

Manual testing is slowing businesses down. By automating repetitive tasks, workforces can concentrate on complex and creative tasks - accelerating development cycles and enhancing overall efficiency.

AI can assist with code generation for automation frameworks, identify defect hotspots, improve deployment and monitor and execute reporting to save time and money.

New opportunities

We’ll assess which areas of your software delivery lifecycle could benefit from AI and clearly explain the opportunities it can deliver for your organisation.

Using our comprehensive understanding of ‘off-the-shelf’ AI tools, alongside our own internal AI toolkit, we’ll provide a tailored approach to your AI enablement.

Let’s take the AI journey together


A strategic AI roadmap

We’ll review your operations and delve into your unique challenges and opportunities to understand how AI can best support your business vision and long-term goals.

Armed with the right knowledge, we’ll then put together a tailor-made AI implementation roadmap with key milestones and required resources.

Bespoke AI solutions

If an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution from our comprehensive AI library doesn’t meet your needs, our R&D teams and Centres of Excellence will build a bespoke solution that seamlessly integrates with your systems.

Plus, we’ll provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your implementation is successful and evolves with your needs.

Cyber security audits

We use AI to enhance our robust security testing protocols, safeguarding applications against the latest cyber threats.

Our team of 700+ experts in AI testing and cyber security can provide in-depth vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to fortify your software’s defences.


User adoption training

We’ll help you foster a culture that embraces AI and data-driven decision making. We offer tailored training programs, so your employees know how to unlock AI’s vast potential across all aspects of your business.

AI-driven test automation

Resillion's AI expert Kurt Neuskens has written a blog post on the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence on Quality Assurance, particularly focused on test automation.

In this blog we explore the current maturity of AI-driven test automation tools and their value-add. We distinguish between UI- based test automation and API-based test automation.

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Can we predict defects before software gets into production?

In the fast-evolving world of software development, the quest for flawless code remains paramount. As we push the boundaries of technology, the complexity of software systems grows, making the task of ensuring their reliability and quality increasingly challenging.

In this article, we tackle the topic of Software Defect Prediction (SDP), a field dedicated to foreseeing and mitigating potential errors before they manifest into costly problems. This blog post explores the current state of SDP, its significance, methodologies, challenges and the promising horizon that lies ahead.

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