Anchor Hanover – Strategic Partnership

Anchor and Resillion’s relationship began through a one-off testing exercise, later inviting Resillion the opportunity to be the sole supplier of cyber services for the ensuing 12 months.


CPE Testing in Three Key Areas

CPE testing – otherwise known as Customer Premises Equipment testing – looks at telecommunications and IT equipment, verifying that all components of a networked system function together as they should. Read on to find out more about how Resillion has supported CPE testing in three different areas.


Fast-tracking Clipper Logistics’ ISO 27001 implementation

Clipper and Resillion’s relationship is longstanding, beginning in 2017, as Clipper embarked on adopting a strategic approach to cyber security that aligned with their objectives for both risk management and business continuity.


Morton Fraser – ISO 27001 Implementation

Morton Fraser approached Resillion with the intention of devising a plan to review the existing security measures they had in place, amidst concerns of how the company would resist or mitigate the impact of a cyber-attack.


NHS NES – single supplier partnership

NES took the decision to publish a tender for a 3-year single supplier contract to support all the national health boards in Scotland with their penetration testing requirements to NCSC CHECK standards.


Quality, cost and agility in the SDLC – a strategic perspective

Our expert Johan Gabriëls presents his research into this struggle in three specially written whitepapers which dive deeper into the challenges to adequate agility, with higher quality and risk adjusted cost.
Part 1: The Strategic Perspective: cost, risk and agile scaling.


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