Why work with Resillion for your Wireless Device Testing?

1. Labs that are fully equipped and use the latest test equipment.

2. Partner with experts. Tests are conducted by our expert QA engineers, experienced in wireless testing.

3. We can use off the shelf test plans or design a customised plan that precisely meets your requirements.

4. Achieve rapid and thorough debugging thanks to our unique range of wireless analysers and debug materials.

5. Our live bug tracking system provides you with immediate updates on and issues discovered.

For consumers, the performance of Wi-Fi largely determines the quality of digital devices such as smartphones, computers, and TVs. For companies, the quality of their Wi-Fi network is an important factor for internal processes and services.

Performance testing of the Wi-Fi link will check on how well your product performs against a set of reference (off-the-shelf) products (access points or clients). We will check the performance of the Wi-Fi connection under different operational conditions this to ensure all use-cases have the best possible performance.

Matter: full Certification Testing for new products running Matter over all supported network layers (Wi-Fi, Thread, Ethernet), with extra support in recertification of updated products under the CSA’s Matter Rapid Recertification Policy.

Bluetooth: The functional performance of a Bluetooth connection is crucial to product quality for the end user. We will test different use cases, under different environmental conditions and stress levels.

Device Configuration

Wireless devices are sometimes configured for different roles or operational modes. Resillion will check these different modes to ensure your product meets the quality requirements in all modes possible.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) & Usability

The configuration of the end-product is usually done via GUI or WebUI – we will analyse the complete functionality and usability of this UI so that all settings are assured and pushed to the device so the device, therefore using the settings configured in the UI.

Using scripts, your connection will be examined to establish the connection is always running, even under different environmental conditions such as varying temperature, congested wireless environments, clean environments and others.

Device compatibility testing can be conducted on a wide testbed of mobile devices, wireless network devices, smart TVs and other peripherals.

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