Device Security Testing Service

Our experts are ready to streamline your pathway to robust compliance with device security legislation, giving you confidence that your organisation is protected from the consequences of non-compliance.

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Adversarial Attack Simulation

Take a holistic approach to your cyber security and test every element of your organisation, leaving no stone is left unturned. Our experts will simulate a real-world attack, highlighting any vulnerabilities, and provide remediation advice to leave you secure.

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Cloud Security Assurance

Assess your cloud infrastructure for exploitable risks and vulnerabilities that allow a hacker unauthorised access to your organisation.

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Radio Equipment Directive

From 1st August 2024, all new and existing products placed on the EU market under the scope of the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) must comply with new cyber security requirements. Ensure your products are compliant today.

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Operational Technology Testing

Maximise the expertise of our consultants and protect the integrity and availability of your network-connected systems with regular testing.

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Application Security Testing

Applications, web, mobile, and APIs, are an integral part of daily life. Ahead of production, understand your level of business risk and ensure your apps are built correctly and integrate with their intended operating system, without leaving you vulnerable.

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Security Hardening

Be confident that you are compliant, in line with industry best practice, and know you’re resilient to any attacks.

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API Security Testing

There’s an API for everything – identify and prevent any vulnerabilities before anyone else and mitigate your organisational risk.

Secure Code Review

Resillion examines your source code to identify any inconsistencies and weaknesses that make you susceptible to an attack, assuring your application’s logic and business code is secure.

Network Security Testing

One vulnerability is all it takes to compromise your systems – Resillion uses real-world methodology, tools, and techniques to look for weaknesses in services, poor configuration, and weak credentials that lead to compromise. Protecting your network is your first line of defence.

IoT Security Assurance

Secure your IoT devices, removing any exploitable vulnerabilities that allow hackers access to and manipulation of your network and data.

Remote Access & MDM Solutions Security

Regularly review your device policies to keep up with the changing threat landscape and maintain your corporate security. Utilise tools and features that centrally manage devices, automatically patching vulnerabilities and upgrading software, tracking and govern installed software, adjusting a device's configuration to a setting dictated by a particular standard policy, as well as forcing users to change their passwords at regular intervals.

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