Want quality? Want Veloce.

Veloce is delivered through a combination of our high-quality Central Assurance Framework (CAF),  built on open-source, cloud-based technologies, in combination with our software engineering focus, and defined ways of working. By using Veloce our clients benefit from:

  • Reduced costs of testing and QA, by as much as 65%
  • Reduced testing cycle times, from weeks to minutes
  • Reduced risk exposure by a factor of four or more
  • Increased flexibility with the right services at the right time
  • Accelerated capability by leveraging our expertise
  • Fast start – be up and running in minutes with low up-front investment.


What is Veloce?

The Central Assurance Framework (CAF) at the heart of Veloce is a pre-built, integrated set of tools that underpin a set of assurance and platform capabilities. These tools enable the service to be up and running in minutes, and automation to start straight away with minimal up-front investment. Our assurance services address the key areas of functionality, performance, site reliability and cyber security. Whereas our platform services deliver cloud infrastructure, and address deployment, monitoring, and maintenance.

A Path for Success…

…a simple, effective path for implementing Veloce services.

The first step: DiscoveryThis is where we learn about your methods and systems, to understand where Veloce can help.

We follow this with a Readiness Check where our engineers take an initial, high-level view of your systems, processes, and test assets to make sure that the foundation is in place for successful initiation.

Next comes the Initiate phase where we integrate our CAF with your systems-under-test and develop initial test assets to both demonstrate success and to build up first-hand knowledge of those systems. This sizes the work packages we deliver for you during the next stage.

The Operate phase is where our service is running, producing test assets and delivering the key and quality information you expect. To keep our CAF aligned to our wider technology stack we provide free-of charge maintenance for the duration of the engagement and undertake maintenance on our core, engineering build of the CAF. Once this has been proven internally we manage a deployment to each of our clients, allowing us to keep your instance secure and efficient.
Consistency is at the heart of delivering our solutions.

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