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Software test specialist

Software test specialists ready to support you.

  • Assistance in selecting the best tool for your specific needs and budget, considering both open source and commercially licensed options
  • Define best practice around tools at both strategic and operational levels, including where to prioritise the use of tools, and the standards and approaches which should be applied to the development of automated test assets
  • Need to rapidly implement a new tool or address a backlog? We provide additional capacity through resource augmentation for rapid resolution
  • Train, mentor and support your resources with Resillion to build internal capability

Test automation

Our specialists assist with defining, selecting and implementing test automation frameworks, as well as maintenance and extension of frameworks and other automation assets so that you continue to reap the benefits of your investment in the longer term.

Load and performance testing

Deploy specialist skills to carry out load and performance testing.
With this type of testing, you must first understand and define the non-functional requirements that indicate your system is successful. Then, devise specific tests that allow NFRs to be assessed in an objective and meaningful way.

Site Reliability engineering

As people become ever more familiar with technology, expectations rise and tolerance for problems diminish. A system failure can cost you a customer, and the bad publicity much more. Complex and intricate modern systems demand a software engineering-led approach to testing, challenged effectively with appropriate expertise.

Fault Injection

Fault injection uses tools to simulate specific circumstances, such as third-party systems being offline, duplicate or malformed messages, or even failures of major components. This allows a targeted and controlled investigation of foreseeable risks to build confidence that a solution will be available when needed.

Chaos Engineering

Chaos engineering uses a broad-scope and random approach to testing system reliability. With the correct tools, a kaleidoscopic set of errors can be introduced to a system, allowing rapid investigation of reliability factors to identify issues which might otherwise go unnoticed.


Testing as a Service delegates the responsibility for your testing programmes to our experts.


Meet Veloce: our own hyper efficient, engineering-led, modern testing service.

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