About Quality Intelligence

Getting detailed insight in how the end-user is experiencing your products and application isn’t always a straightforward process. That’s where we come in.

Testing operational service parameters over an extended period allows the detection of trends and, more importantly, deviations that indicate potential problems – giving you invaluable insight that we like to call Quality Intelligence – and start this by looking closely at your current data and your reporting requirements.

Based on your individual use cases, targets and business strategy, Quality Intelligence delivers comprehensive dashboards and interactive reports to reflect the quality of your products or software applications. We offer tailor-made visualisations for each stakeholder to highlight where actions are needed and support the decision-making process for scrum teams, development managers, IT managers, through to the CTO and CEO.

Why use Quality Intelligence?


  • Detect trends and deviations that indicate a potential service flaws
  • Cloud-based reporting that is accessible anywhere, any time
  • Avoid issues with customer experience or potential service flaws by AI based, predictive analysis

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Take advantage of early lifecycle testing, focused testing improvement initiatives and enable client teams.

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