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Quality Assurance In Software Testing

Software development has changed significantly in recent years. From predominantly linear delivery, to agile methods with increasing levels of iteration, to more recent developments like DevOps – impacting both development structure and the technologies used to deliver. Our capabilities around quality assurance in software testing means we are trusted by leading brands.

Skills and approaches

Supporting quality assurance and testing in agile and DevOps delivery requires a broader range of skills to traditional delivery.
Traditional testing tends to be reactive or, at best, responsive and enacted later in the project cycle. This delays feedback, and costs to fix or remediate issues are greater – not ideal in agile and DevOps delivery.
Our experts support your team by integrating assurance and testing into your delivery approach, shifting to engineering-in quality from the very beginning, advocated by methods such as Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behaviour Driven Development (BDD).
Experience shows that many teams struggle to implement these methods effectively, without proper guidance from experts. We support, mentor, train and bolster your team to leverage these approaches, deliver quicker and more cost effectively, producing better outcomes overall.

Full process automation

Infrastructure-as-code has made many possible many advances in agile and flexible delivery, however many organisations still aren’t making effective use of these modern methods.
Infrastructure-as-code offers high levels of automation and our experts support your in-house team in implementing full-process automation for quality.

QA Consultancy

Take advantage of early lifecycle testing, focused testing improvement initiatives and enable client teams.

Quality Intelligence

Effective full process automation delivers better outcomes at lower costs. Get a detailed insight.

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