Matter is an open-source connectivity protocol for Internet of Things (IoT) and smart home devices designed to improve their compatibility and security. Though the standard is royalty-free, developers and manufacturers are required to get their devices certified.  Resillion is authorised by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), who defined the standard, as a Certification Testing Centre.  Backed by a large cohort of major device manufacturers, Matter is set to have a major impact on device interoperability. Matter certification is leading the industry quality standards.

Products and software components that are Matter certified and approved can feature the Matter logo, demonstrating interoperability, security, simplicity, and reliability.

Get certified

Resillion offers full Certification Testing for new products running Matter over all supported network layers (Wi-Fi, Thread, Ethernet). We can also support recertification of updated products under the CSA’s Matter Rapid Recertification Policy.

Advantages of the Matter certification

- Indicates clear and independent compatibility between products from the world's leading brands
- Confirms compliance to CSA specifications with testing from experienced professionals
- Allows for use of exclusive CSA certified product logos and a product listing on the CSA website
- Use of official CSA Certificate validating certification
- Certain intellectual property licensing protections

How we support you

  • Matter Rapid Recertification Testing/Review
  • Manufacturer Training Programme
  • Basic device behaviour
    • Factory Reset
    • Commissioning (Attestation, Wi-Fi, OpenThread, Multi-Fabrics and more)
    • Re-join
    • Remove
    • Groups
    • OTA
  • Cluster Library (MCL)
    • On-Off
    • Level
    • Color
    • DoorLock
  • Resillion Extended Test Services
    • Interoperability with multiple eco-systems and/or other applications/devices
    • Performance & strength
    • Long term stability
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How to get certified

  1. Become a CSA member
  2. Select the network transport
  3. Choose Resillion as the CSA authorised Testing Laboratory
  4. Send your products to our lab in Belgium or China
  5. Submit yourself for the Matter certification application
  6. Get ready to be certified!

Get your product Matter certified today!

Get your wireless digital products and devices tested today and go to market with confidence.
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Our Accreditations and Certifications

Crest Accreditation Resillion
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RvA L690 Accreditation
ISO 27001
ISO 9001 Resillion
CCV Cyber Pentest
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