This HTT version includes test materials supporting conformance of:
• CI Plus v2.0 Specification
• CI Plus ECP v1.2 Specification
• CI Plus v1.4 Specification
• CI Plus v1.3 Extensions
• CI Plus v1.2 Browser (MHEG tests)
• CI Plus v1.2 Generic Browser (MHEG tests)

Technical Features

• DVB-T/C/S Broadcast Test Streams
• Encrypted ISOBMFF/DASH Media (IP Delivery)
• CAM Test Scripts
• LSC Server Software including LSC Hybrid and Multi-cast support
• IP-Delivered Service List (OSDT) Server
• Test CAM Firmware Upgrade Kit (PCMCIA / USB)
• Annual Test Tool Support
• Test Case, CAM Firmware and Harness Updates
• Service & Testing Advice from Expert Engineers
• Module Test Tool for CI Plus 2.0 conformance testing of USB CAM devices

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