Consumers will have the confidence that, by purchasing a television bearing the logo, it will display UHD HDR content for their region, whether broadcast conventionally, delivered OTT or via HDMI connection.

Retail & Manufacturers

The logo confirms that the complex set of features and technologies will work together for the respective region, making it simple for consumers to identify those televisions that conform to the requirements.


By supporting the logo, produced broadcast and OTT UHD HDR content will work and deliver the expected quality on all compliant televisions that carry the logo.

Certification Scheme

Whilst there are a number of other logo schemes currently in operation, the 4K HDR Immersive logo, developed from the 4K HDR Ultra HD Logo, is the only one that defines the necessary requirements for devices to receive and display HDR content and Next Generation Audio immersive sound quality delivered over broadcast, HDMI and broadband, and is backed by a rigorous certification scheme.

The new 4K HDR Immersive Logo is an evolution of the technical requirements of the 4K HDR Ultra HD Logo and is supported by companies including Vestel, LG Electronics, MStar, Panasonic and HiSense.

Benefits of the 4K HDR Immersive Logo

- Verify compliance with the EBU guidelines (EBU Tech 3372 & 4K Immersive Logo requirements)
- Support for 4K, HDR, WCG and NGA simultaneously
- Full UHD resolutions are supported
- Broadcast, Broadband and HDMI delivered content can be displayed
- Enhanced viewing experience to the consumer

HDR Test

The new generation of High Dynamic Range (HDR) Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) televisions with Next Generation Audio (NGA) boast more than 8 million pixels and rich lifelike colours, deep blacks and bright whites, bring a whole new viewing and sound experience into the home.

The 4K HDR Immersive Logo provides assurance to consumers, as well as content producers, broadcasters and manufacturers, the very best immersive viewing experience; the level of image and sound quality promised by this technology will be effectively delivered and reproduced on the compliant devices that display the logo.

The 4K HDR Immersive Logo is an evolution of the 4K HDR Ultra Logo, which has been widely adopted by CE manufacturers.


Whilst HDR (High Dynamic Range) has been discussed for many years, HDR content and devices have only recently become widely available to consumers. HDR refers to contrast ratio which translates to how closely the colours and brightness on screen resemble real life (or intended colour palette and brightness when the content was created), creating a dramatic improvement in picture quality – broadcasters and industry commentators have suggested 4K alone is not enough.


NGA (Next Generation Audio) creates a truly captivating audio experience, enabling consumers to experience enhanced audio content quality exactly as they want. Personalised settings facilitate other features, so that listeners can interact with audio and adapt it to individual preferences and crucially access services for those with disabilities. User settings also permit other valuable features, such as personalisation of different audio elements, a key enabler for NGA provides an opportunity to bring immersive audio to the listener.

Compliant Devices: 4K HDR Immersive Logo

Regime: 4K HDR Immersive
Device: TV

Model (2022): 43DM56UQP, 50DM56UQP, 55DM56UQP, 65DH56UQ, 58DMA55UB, OL55DMA100UB, QL65DMA66UB, QL55DMA66UB, QL55DMA66UB, 50DM54UA, 43DMA55UB,55DMA55UB, 65DMA55UB, 70DMA55UB, 43DMS45UB, 50DM53UA2, 65DM55UA2, TFK43UBA2SDB, 43DM62UA, 50DM62UA, 55DM62UA, 65DM62UA
Model (2023): 55DMA56UB, 75DM73UA, D50DM55UQPMS
Model (2024): 43DM72UAD, 55DM72UAD, 65DM72UAD, D50DH55UQNS,

Regime: 4K HDR Immersive
Device: TV
Model (2020): HE55U6F1UWTSG, 55U8QF, 55U81QF, 55U82QF, 55U8QFIL, 55U8QFTUK, HE65U6F1UWTSG, 65U8QF, 65U81QF, 65U82QF, 65U8QFIL, 65U8QFTUK, HE50A6900FUWTS, 50U7QF, 50U71QF, 50U72QF, 50U7QFIL, 50U7QFTUK, HE55A6900FUWTS, 55U7QF, 55U71QF, 55U72QF, 55U7QFIL, 55U7QFTUK, HE65A6900FUWTS, 65U7QF, 65U71QF, 65U72QF, 65U7QFIL, 65U7QFTUK, HE43A6507EUWTS, 43A7500F, 43A7520F, 43A7540F, 43A7560F, 43A7500WF, 43A7500FIL, 43AE7400F, 43AE7410F, 43AE7430F, 43AE7450F, 43A7500FTUK, 43A7520FTUK, 43AE7400FTUK, 43AE7410FTUK, HE50A6803FUWTS, 50A7500F, 50A7520F, 50A7540F, 50A7560F, 50A7500WF, 50A7500FIL, 50AE7400F, 50AE7410F, 50AE7430F, 50AE7450F, 50A7500FTUK, 50A7520FTUK, 50AE7400FTUK, 50AE7410FTUK, HE55A6803FUWTS, 55A7500F, 55A7520F, 55A7540F, 55A7560F, 55A7500WF, 55A7500FIL, 55AE7400F, 55AE7410F, 55AE7430F, 55AE7450F, 55A7500FTUK, 55A7520FTUK, 55AE7400FTUK, 55AE7410FTUK, HE65A6803FUWTS, 65A7500F, 65A7520F, 65A7540F, 65A7560F, 65A7500WF, 65A7500FIL, 65AE7400F, 65AE7410F, 65AE7450F, 65A7500FTUK, 65A7520FTUK, 65AE7400FTUK, 65AE7410FTUK, 65AE7430F, 50U70QF, 55U70QF, 65U70QF

Model (2021): 50A683FEVS, 55E76GQ, 55E77GQ, 55E78GQ, 55E79GQ, 55E76GQCH, 55E77GQCH, 55E79GQNE, 55E76GQTUK, 55E77GQTUK, 55A65FEVS, 50A60GEVS, 50A60GEVS, 55A60GEVS, 65A60GEVS, 75A60GEVS, 65U7GEVS, 55U7GEVS, 75U9GEVS, 55E76GQ, 55E77GQCH, 43A7GQ, 43A72GQCH, 43A79GQ, 43A70GQTUK, 50A7GQ, 50A72GQCH, 50A79GQ, 50A70GQTUK, 55A7GQ, 55A72GQCH, 55A79GQ, 55A70GQTUK, 65A7GQ, 65A72GQCH, 65A79GQ, 65A70GQTUK, 75A7GQ, 75A72GQCH, 75A79GQ, 75A70GQTUK, 65U8GQ, 65U80GQCH, 65U89GQ, 65U80GQTUK, 55U8GQ, 55U80GQCH, 55U89GQ, 55U80GQTUK, 75U9GQ, 75U90GQCH, 75U99GQ, 75U90GQTUK, 55E77GQ, 55E79GQNE, 43A70GQ, 43A78GQNE, 43A78GQCH, 43A71GQTUK, 50A70GQ, 50A78GQNE, 50A78GQCH, 50A71GQTUK, 55A70GQ, 55A78GQNE, 55A78GQCH, 55A71GQTUK, 65A70GQ, 65A78GQNE, 65A78GQCH, 65A71GQTUK, 75A70GQ, 75A78GQNE, 75A78GQCH, 75A71GQTUK, 65U80GQ, 65U88GQNE, 65U86GQCH, 65U81GQTUK, 55U80GQ, 55U88GQNE, 55U86GQCH, 55U81GQTUK, 75U90GQ, 75U98GQNE, 75U96GQCH, 75U91GQTUK, 55E78GQ, 55E76GQTUK, 43A71GQ, 43A76GQ, 43A79GQCH, 43A72GQTUK, 50A71GQ, 50A76GQ, 50A79GQCH, 50A72GQTUK, 55A71GQ, 55A76GQ, 55A79GQCH, 55A72GQTUK, 65A71GQ, 65A76GQ, 65A79GQCH, 65A72GQTUK, 75A71GQ, 75A76GQ, 75A79GQCH, 75A72GQTUK, 65U81GQ, 65U86GQ, 65U87GQCH, 65U82GQTUK, 55U81GQ, 55U86GQ, 55U87GQCH, 55U82GQTUK, 75U91GQ, 75U96GQ, 75U97GQCH, 75U92GQTUK, 55E79GQ, 55E77GQTUK, 43A72GQ, 43A77GQ, 43A79GQNE, 43A76GQTUK, 50A72GQ, 50A77GQ, 50A79GQNE, 50A76GQTUK, 55A72GQ, 55A77GQ, 55A79GQNE, 55A76GQTUK, 65A72GQ, 65A77GQ, 65A79GQNE, 65A76GQTUK, 75A72GQ, 75A77GQ, 75A79GQNE, 75A76GQTUK, 65U82GQ, 65U87GQ, 65U89GQNE, 65U86GQTUK, 55U82GQ, 55U87GQ, 55U89GQNE, 55U86GQTUK, 75U92GQ, 75U97GQ, 75U99GQNE, 75U96GQTUK, 55E76GQCH, 43A71GQCH, 43A78GQ, 43A7GQTUK, 43A77GQTUK, 50A71GQCH, 50A78GQ, 50A7GQTUK, 50A77GQTUK, 55A71GQCH, 55A78GQ, 55A7GQTUK, 55A77GQTUK, 65A71GQCH, 65A78GQ, 65A7GQTUK, 65A77GQTUK, 75A71GQCH, 75A78GQ, 75A7GQTUK, 75A77GQTUK, 65U8GQCH, 65U88GQ, 65U8GQTUK, 65U87GQTUK, 55U8GQCH, 55U88GQ, 55U8GQTUK, 55U87GQTUK, 75U9GQCH, 75U98GQ, 75U9GQTUK, 75U97GQTUK, 55A9FEVS, 55A9G, 55A90G, 55A91G, 55A92G, 55A9GCH, 55A90GCH, 55A98GNE, 55A96G, 55A97G, 55A98G, 55A99G, 55A96GCH, 55A97GCH, 55A99GNE, 55A9GTUK, 55A90GTUK, 55A91GTUK, 55A92GTUK, 55A96GTUK, 55A97GTUK, 65A9FEVS, 65A9G, 65A90G, 65A91G, 65A92G, 65A9GCH, 65A90GCH, 65A98GNE, 65A96G, 65A97G, 65A98G, 65A99G, 65A96GCH, 65A97GCH, 65A99GNE, 65A9GTUK, 65A90GTUK, 65A91GTUK, 65A92GTUK, 65A96GTUK, 65A97GTUK, 55A82FEVS
55A85G, 55A86G , 55A87G , 55A85GCH , 55A86GCH , 55A88GNE , 55A8DG , 55A8EG , 55A8FG , 55A8DGCH , 55A8EGCH , 55A89GNE , 55A85GTUK , 55A86GTUK , 55A8DGTUK , 55A8EGTUK, 55A8FEVS, 55A8G, 55A80G , 55A81G , 55A80GCH , 55A81GCH , 55A83GNE , 55A8AG , 55A8BG , 55A8CG , 55A8AGCH , 55A8BGCH , 55A84GNE , 55A8GTUK , 55A80GTUK , 55A8AGTUK , 55A8BGTUK

Model (2022): 70E7HQ, 70E77HQ, 70E78HQ, 70E79HQ, 70E7HQCH, 70E77HQCH, 70E79HQNE, 70E7HQTUK, 70E77HQTUK, 65E7HQ, 65E77HQ, 65E78HQ, 65E79HQ, 65E7HQCH, 65E77HQCH, 65E79HQNE, 65E7HQTUK, 65E77HQTUK, 55E7HQ, 55E77HQ, 55E78HQ, 55E79HQ, 55E7HQCH, 55E77HQCH, 55E79HQNE, 55E7HQTUK, 55E77HQTUK, 55X9900LE, 65X9900LE, 55X9900LE, 65X9900LE

Model (2024): 55E7NQ, 55E77NQ, 55E78NQ, 55E79NQ, 55E71NQ, 55E7NQTUK, 55E77NQTUK , 55E78NQTUK, 55E79NQTUK, 85E7NQ, 85E77NQ, 85E78NQ, 85E79NQ, 85E71NQ, 85E7NQTUK, 85E77NQTUK , 85E78NQTUK, 85E79NQTUK, 75E7NQ, 75E77NQ, 75E78NQ, 75E79NQ, 75E71NQ, 75E7NQTUK, 75E77NQTUK , 75E78NQTUK, 75E79NQTUK, 65E7NQ, 65E77NQ, 65E78NQ, 65E79NQ, 65E71NQ, 65E7NQTUK, 65E77NQTUK , 65E78NQTUK, 65E79NQTUK, 58E7NQ, 58E77NQ, 58E78NQ, 58E79NQ, 58E71NQ, 58E7NQTUK, 58E77NQTUK , 58E78NQTUK, 58E79NQTUK, 50E7NQ, 50E77NQ, 50E78NQ, 50E79NQ, 50E71NQ, 50E7NQTUK, 50E77NQTUK , 50E78NQTUK, 50E79NQTUK, 43E7NQ, 43E77NQ, 43E78NQ, 43E79NQ, 430E71NQ, 43E7NQTUK, 43E77NQTUK , 43E78NQTUK, 43E79NQTUK, 65A7NQ, 65A70NQ, 65A71NQ, 65A72NQ, 65A76NQ, 65A77NQ, 65A78NQ, 65A79NQ, 65A7NQTUK, 65A70NQTUK, 65A71NQTUK, 65A72NQTUK, 65A76NQTUK, 65A77NQTUK, 55A7NQ, 55A70NQ, 55A71NQ, 55A72NQ, 55A76NQ, 55A77NQ, 55A78NQ, 55A79NQ, 55A7NQTUK, 55A70NQTUK, 55A71NQTUK, 55A72NQTUK, 55A76NQTUK, 55A77NQTUK, 50A7NQ, 50A70NQ, 50A71NQ, 50A72NQ, 50A76NQ, 50A77NQ, 50A78NQ, 50A79NQ, 50A7NQTUK, 50A70NQTUK, 50A71NQTUK, 50A72NQTUK, 50A76NQTUK, 50A77NQTUK, 43A7NQ, 43A70NQ, 43A71NQ, 43A72NQ, 43A76NQ, 43A77NQ, 43A78NQ, 43A79NQ, 43A7NQTUK, 43A70NQTUK, 43A71NQTUK, 43A72NQTUK, 43A76NQTUK, 43A77NQTUK, 75U6NQ, 75U60NQ, 75U61NQ, 75U62NQ, 75U66NQ, 75U67NQ, 75U68NQ, 75U69NQ, 75U6NQTUK, 75U60NQTUK, 75U61NQTUK, 75U62NQTUK, 75U66NQTUK, 75U67NQTUK, 65U6NQ, 65U60NQ, 65U61NQ, 65U62NQ, 65U66NQ, 65U67NQ, 65U68NQ, 65U69NQ, 65U6NQTUK, 65U60NQTUK, 65U61NQTUK, 65U62NQTUK, 65U66NQTUK, 65U67NQTUK, 55U6NQ, 55U60NQ, 55U61NQ, 55U62NQ, 55U66NQ, 55U67NQ, 55U68NQ, 55U69NQ, 55U6NQTUK, 55U60NQTUK, 55U61NQTUK, 55U62NQTUK, 55U66NQTUK, 55U67NQTUK, 50U6NQ, 50U60NQ, 50U61NQ, 50U62NQ, 50U66NQ, 50U67NQ, 50U68NQ, 50U69NQ, 50U6NQTUK, 50U60NQTUK, 50U61NQTUK, 50U62NQTUK, 50U66NQTUK, 50U67NQTUK, PX3-PRO, PX3TUK-PRO, 100L9ND, 100L9NTUKD, 120L9ND, 120L9NTUKD, 100L5ND, 100L5NTUKD, 120L5ND,  120L5NTUKD, PX3-PRO, PX3TUK-PRO, PX3SE-PRO, PX3TUKSE-PRO, PL2SE, PL2TUKSE, C2-ULTRA, C2TUK-ULTRA, C2-PRO, C2TUK-PRO, C2, C2TUK

Regime: 4K HDR Immersive
Device: TV (2020)
Model(2020): 55NANO916NA, 86NANO906NA, 86NANO903NA, 75NANO906NA, 75NANO903NA, 65NANO906NA, 65NANO903NA, 55NANO906NA, 55NANO903NA, 86NANO916NA, 86NANO913NA, 75NANO916NA, 75NANO913NA, 65NANO916NA, 65NANO917NA, 65NANO913NA, 55NANO917NA, 55NANO913NA, 65NANO866NA, 65NANO867NA, 65NANO863NA, 55NANO866NA, 55NANO867NA, 55NANO863NA, 49NANO866NA, 49NANO867NA, 49NANO863NA, 86UN85006LA, 86UN85003LA, 82UN85006LA, 82UN85003LA, 75UN85006LA, 75UN85003LA, 65UN85006LA, 65UN85003LA, 65UN81006LB, 65NANO816NA, 65NANO813NA, 55NANO816NA, 55NANO813NA, 49NANO816NA, 49NANO813NA, 65NANO806NA, 65NANO803NA, 55NANO806NA, 55NANO803NA, 49NANO806NA, 49NANO803NA, 65NANO796NE, 55NANO796NE, 50NANO796NE, 43NANO796NE, 65NANO793NE, 55NANO793NE, 50NANO793NE, 43NANO793NE, 75UN81006LB, 75UN81003LB, 65UN81003LB, 55UN81006LB, 55UN81003LB, 50UN81006LB, 50UN81003LB, 43UN81006LB, 43UN81003LB, 65UN80006LA, 65UN80003LA, 55UN80006LA, 55UN80003LA, 50UN80006LC, 50UN80003LC, 43UN80006LC, 43UN80003LC, 70UN74006LA, 70UN74003LA, 65UN74006LB, 65UN74007LB, 65UN74003LB, 55UN74006LB, 55UN74007LB, 55UN74003LB, 50UN74006LB, 50UN74007LB, 50UN74003LB, 49UN74006LB, 49UN74003LB, 43UN74006LB, 43UN74007LB, 43UN74003LB, 65UN73006LA, 65UN73003LA, 55UN73006LA, 55UN73003LA, 50UN73006LA, 50UN73003LA, 49UN73006LA, 49UN73003LA, 43UN73006LC, 43UN73003LC, 49UN73906LE, 49UN73903LE, 43UN73906LE, 43UN73903LE, 75UN71006LC, 75UN71003LC, 70UN71006LA, 70UN71003LA, 65UN71006LB, 65UN71003LB, 60UN71006LB, 60UN71003LB, 55UN71006LB, 55UN71003LB, 49UN71006LB, 49UN71003LB, 43UN71006LB, 43UN71003LB, 55UN70006LA, 55UN70003LA, 50UN70006LA, 50UN70003LA, 43UN70006LA, 43UN70003LA, OLED55CX9LA, OLED65RX9LA, OLED65WX9LA, OLED77GX6LA, OLED77GX9LA, OLED77GX3LA, OLED65GX6LA, OLED65GX9LA, OLED65GX3LA, OLED55GX6LA, OLED55GX9LA, OLED55GX3LA, OLED77CX6LA, OLED77CX9LA, OLED77CX3LA, OLED65CX6LA, OLED65CX9LA, OLED65CX3LA, OLED55CX6LA, OLED55CX3LA, OLED48CX6LB, OLED48CX9LB, OLED48CX3LB, OLED65CX5LB, OLED65CX8LB, OLED55CX5LB, OLED55CX8LB, OLED48CX5LC, OLED48CX8LC, 75UN70706LD, 75UN70703LD, 70UN70706LB, 70UN70703LB, 65UN70006LA, 65UN70003LA, 75NANO796NF, 75NANO793NF, OLED55BX6LB, OLED65BX6LB, OLED65BX9LB, OLED65BX3LB, OLED55BX9LB, OLED55BX3LB

Model(2020): 55UP77006LB, 75UP78006LB, 65UP78006LB, 55UP78006LB, 50UP78006LB, 43UP78006LB, 75UP78009LB, 65UP78009LB, 55UP78009LB, 50UP78009LB, 43UP78009LB, 75UP78003LB, 65UP78003LB, 55UP78003LB, 50UP78003LB, 43UP78003LB, 75UP77006LB, 70UP77006LB, 65UP77006LB, 50UP77006LB, 43UP77006LB, 75UP77009LB, 70UP77009LB, 65UP77009LB, 55UP77009LB, 50UP77009LB, 43UP77009LB, 75UP77003LB, 70UP77003LB, 65UP77003LB, 55UP80006LA, 75NANO816PA, 65NANO816PA, 55NANO816PA, 50NANO816PA, 75NANO819PA, 65NANO819PA, 55NANO819PA, 50NANO819PA, 75NANO813PA, 65NANO813PA, 55NANO813PA, 50NANO813PA, 75NANO806PA, 65NANO806PA, 55NANO806PA, 50NANO806PA, 75NANO809PA, 65NANO809PA, 55NANO809PA, 50NANO809PA, 75NANO803PA, 65NANO803PA, 55NANO803PA, 50NANO803PA, 65NANO796PB, 55NANO796PB, 50NANO796PB, 43NANO796PB, 65NANO799PB, 55NANO799PB, 50NANO799PB, 43NANO799PB, 65NANO793PB, 55NANO793PB, 50NANO793PB, 43NANO793PB, 55NANO776PA, 50NANO776PA, 43NANO776PA, 55NANO779PA, 50NANO779PA, 43NANO779PA, 55NANO773PA, 50NANO773PA
43NANO773PA, 75NANO756PA, 70NANO756PA, 65NANO756PA, 55NANO756PA, 50NANO756PA, 43NANO756PA, 75NANO759PA, 70NANO759PA, 65NANO759PA, 55NANO759PA, 50NANO759PA, 43NANO759PA, 75NANO753PA, 70NANO753PA, 65NANO753PA, 55NANO753PA, 50NANO753PA, 43NANO753PA, 75UP81006LA, 70UP81006LA, 65UP81006LA, 55UP81006LA, 50UP81006LA, 43UP81006LA, 75UP81009LA, 70UP81009LA, 65UP81009LA, 55UP81009LA, 50UP81009LA, 43UP81009LA, 75UP81003LA, 70UP81003LA, 65UP81003LA, 55UP81003LA, 50UP81003LA, 43UP81003LA, 75UP80006LA, 65UP80006LA, 60UP80006LA, 50UP80006LA, 43UP80006LA, 75UP80009LA, 65UP80009LA, 60UP80009LA, 55UP80009LA, 50UP80009LA, 43UP80009LA, 75UP80003LA, 65UP80003LA, 60UP80003LA, 55UP80003LA, 50UP80003LA, 43UP80003LA, 43UP76906LE, 43UP76909LE, 43UP76903LE, 75UP75006LC, 65UP75006LF, 55UP75006LF, 50UP75006LF, 43UP75006LF, 75UP75009LC, 65UP75009LF, 55UP75009LF, 50UP75009LF, 43UP75009LF, 75UP75003LC, 65UP75003LF, 55UP75003LF, 50UP75003LF, 43UP75003LF, 65NANO926PB, 86QNED916PA, 75QNED916PA, 65QNED916PA, 86QNED919PA, 75QNED919PA, 65QNED919PA, 86QNED913PA, 75QNED913PA, 65QNED913PA, 75NANO926PB, 55NANO926PB, 65NANO929PB, 75NANO929PB, 55NANO929PB, 75NANO923PB, 65NANO923PB, 55NANO923PB, 86NANO916PA, 75NANO916PA, 65NANO916PA, 55NANO916PA, 86NANO919PA, 75NANO919PA, 65NANO919PA, 55NANO919PA, 86NANO913PA, 75NANO913PA, 65NANO913PA, 55NANO913PA, 65NANO896PC, 55NANO896PC, 65NANO899PC, 55NANO899PC, 65NANO893PC, 55NANO893PC, 75NANO886PB, 65NANO886PB, 55NANO886PB, 50NANO886PB, 75NANO889PB, 65NANO889PB, 55NANO889PB, 50NANO889PB, 75NANO883PB, 65NANO883PB, 55NANO883PB, 50NANO883PB, 86NANO866PA, 75NANO866PA, 65NANO866PA, 55NANO866PA, 50NANO866PA, 86NANO869PA, 75NANO869PA, 65NANO869PA, 55NANO869PA, 50NANO869PA, 86NANO863PA, 75NANO863PA, 65NANO863PA, 55NANO863PA, 50NANO863PA, 75NANO856PA, 65NANO856PA, 55NANO856PA, 50NANO856PA, 75NANO859PA, 65NANO859PA, 55NANO859PA, 50NANO859PA, 75NANO853PA, 65NANO853PA, 55NANO853PA, 50NANO853PA, 75QNED866PA, 65QNED866PA, 75QNED869PA, 65QNED869PA, 75QNED863PA, 65QNED863PA, 86NANO756PA, 86NANO759PA, 86NANO753PA, 86UP80006LA, 82UP80006LA, 86UP80009LA, 82UP80009LA, 86UP80003LA, 82UP80003LA, OLED55B19LA, OLED77B16LA, OLED65B16LA

Regime: 4K HDR Immersive
Device: TV
Model (2020): 43UA2063DB, 43UA2063DBL, 43UA2063DG, 43UA2063DGL, 43UA2B63DG, 43UA4B63DB, 43UA4B63DG, 49UA2063DB, 50UA2063DB, 50UA2063DG, 50UA2B63DG, 50UA4B63DB, 50UA4B63DG, 55UA2063DB, 55UA4B63DB, 55UA4B63DG, 58UA2063DB, 58UA2B63DG, 58UA4B63DG, 65UA2063DB, 65UA2063DG, 43UL4B63DG, 50UL4B63DG, 55UL3063DG, 55UL4B63DG, 58UL4B63DG, 65UL4B63DG, 43UA2B63DA, 43UA2B63DB, 49UA2B63DA, 49UA2B63DB, 49UA2B63DG, 50UA2063DA, 50UA2B63DA, 50UA2B63DB, 55UA2063DG, 55UA2B63DA, 55UA2B63DB, 55UA2B63DG, 58UA2063DG, 58UA2B63DA, 58UA2B63DB, 65UA2063DA, 65UA2B63DA, 65UA2B63DB ,65UA2B63DG, 40U2063DA, 40UL2063DA, 40UL2063DG, 40UL3063DA, 40UL3063DG, 43U2063DA, 43U2063DAL, 43U2063DG, 43U2063DGL, 43U2063DT, 43UK6B63DG, 43UL2063DA, 43UL2063DG, 43UL2063DT, 43UL2B63DT, 43UL3063DA, 43UL3063DG, 43UL3063DT, 43UL3B63DT, 43V2063DA, 43V2063DG, 49U2063DA, 49U2063DG, 49U2063DT, 49UL2063DA, 49UL2063DG, 49UL2063DT, 49UL3063DA, 49UL3063DG, 49UL3063DT, 49UL3B63DT, 50U2063DA, 50U2063DG, 50U2063DT, 50UK6B63DG, 50UL2063DA, 50UL2063DG, 50UL3063DA, 50UL3063DG, 50UL3B63DT, 55U2063DA, 55U2063DG, 55U2063DT, 55UL2063DA, 55UL2063DG, 55UL2063DT, 55UL3063DA, 55UL3063DT, 55UL3B63DT, 55V2063DA, 55V2063DG, 58U2063DA, 58U2063DG, 58UK6B63DG, 58UL2063DA, 58UL2063DG, 58UL3063DA, 58UL3063DG, 58UL3063DT, 58UL3B63DT, 65UL2063DA, 65UL2063DBS, 65UL2063DG, 65UL2063DT, 65UL3063DA, 65UL3063DG, 65UL3063DT, 49UA2063DG, 43UA2063DA, 49UA2063DA, 55UA2063DA, 58UA2063DA, 58UA4B63DB, 55UK4B63DB, 55V5B63DT, 55UK6B63DG, 55UK4B63DG, 49UA2063DGL, 58V2063DT

Model (2021): 50UA2063DT, 58UA2063DT, 43UL2163DA, 43UL2163DB, 43UL2163DG, 43UL2163DT, 50UL2163DA, 50UL2163DB, 50UL2163DG, 50UL2163DT, 55UL2163DA, 55UL2163DB, 55UL2163DG, 55UL2163DT, 58UL2163DA, 58UL2163DB, 58UL2163DG, 58UL2163DT, 65UL2163DA, 65UL2163DB, 65UL2163DG, 65UL2163DT, 58UA4B63DA, 65QA4C63DA, 65QA4C63DG, 75VA5C63DG, 75VL5B63DGA, 43UA4C63DA, 43UA4C63DB, 43UA4C63DG, 65UA4C63DA, 65UA4C63DB, 65UA4C63DG, 65UA4C63DT, 75VA5C63DA, 65QA4C63DA, 65QA4C63DG, 65QA4C63DT, 43U2063DAQ, 43UA3C63DB, 43UA6B63DGK, 55QA4C63DA, 55QA4C63DB, 55QA4C63DG, 55QA4C63DT, 43UK3C63DA, 43UK3C63DB, 43UK3C63DG, 43UL2C63DA, 43UL2C63DB, 43UL2C63DG, 43UL3C63DA, 43UL3C63DB, 43UL3C63DG, 43UL3C63DT, 43UL4C63DA, 43UL4C63DB, 43UL4C63DG, 43UL4C63DT, 50UK3C63DA, 50UK3C63DG, 50UL2C63DA, 50UL2C63DB, 50UL2C63DG, 50UL3C63DA, 50UL3C63DB, 50UL3C63DG, 50UL3C63DT, 50UL4C63DA, 50UL4C63DB, 50UL4C63DG, 50UL4C63DT, 55UK3C63DA, 55UK3C63DB, 55UK3C63DG, 55UL2C63DA, 55UL2C63DB, 55UL2C63DG, 55UL3C63DA, 55UL3C63DB, 55UL3C63DG, 55UL3C63DT, 55UL4C63DA, 55UL4C63DB, 55UL4C63DG, 55UL4C63DT, 58UK3C63DA, 58UK3C63DB, 58UK3C63DG, 58UL2C63DA, 58UL2C63DB, 58UL2C63DG, 58UL3C63DA, 58UL3C63DB, 58UL3C63DG, 58UL3C63DT, 58UL4C63DA, 58UL4C63DB, 58UL4C63DG, 58UL4C63DT, 65UK3C63DA, 65UK3C63DB, 65UK3C63DG, 65UL2C63DA, 65UL2C63DB, 65UL2C63DG, 65UL3C63DA, 65UL3C63DB, 65UL3C63DG, 65UL3C63DT, 65UL4C63DA, 65UL4C63DB, 65UL4C63DG, 65UL4C63DT, 43UK3163DA, 43UK3163DB, 43UK3163DG, 43UL6C63DA, 43UL6C63DB, 43UL6C63DG, 50UK3163DA, 50UK3163DB, 50UK3163DG, 50UL6C63DA, 50UL6C63DA, 50UL6C63DG, 55UK3163DA, 55UK3163DB, 55UK3163DG, 55UL6C63DA, 55UL6C63DB, 55UL6C63DG, 58UK3163DA, 58UK3163DB, 58UK3163DB, 58UK3163DG, 58UL6C63DA, 58UL6C63DB, 58UL6C63DG, 65UK3163DA, 65UK3163DB, 65UK3163DG, 65UL6C63DA, 65UL6C63DB, 65UL6C63DG, 43UK3163DA, 43UK3C63DA, 43UL3C63DG, 50UL3C63DG, 55UL3C63DG, 58UL3C63DG, 65UL3C63DG, 70UL4C63DA, 70UL4C63DB, 70UL4C63DG, 70UL4C63DT, 58QA4C63DA, 58QA4C63DB, 58QA4C63DG, 42UL2163DA, 42UL2163DB, 42UL2163DG, 42UL2163DT, 43UL2163DBC, 50UL2163DBC, 55UL2163DBC, 58UL2163DBC, 65UL2163DBC, 42UL2C63DA, 42UL2C63DB, 42UL2C63DG, 43UK3163DG, 43UK3C63DG, 43UL2C63DG, 50UK3163DG, 50UK3C63DG, 50UL2C63DG, 55UK3163DG, 55UK3C63DG, 55UL2C63DG, 58UK3163DG, 58UK3C63DG, 58UL2C63DG, 65UK3163DG, 65UK3C63DG, 65UL2C63DG, 55XL9C63DA, 55XL9C63DB, 55XL9C63DG, 55XL9C63DT, 65XL9C63DA, 65XL9C63DB, 65XL9C63DG, 65XL9C63DT, 70UL6C63DA, 70UL6C63DB, 70UL6C63DG, 70UL6C63DT, 43UA3D63DB, 50UA3D63DB, 55UA3D63DB, 58UA3D63DB, 65UA3D63DB, 43QL5D63DA, 43QL5D63DB, 43QL5D63DG, 50QL5D63DA, 50QL5D63DB, 50QL5D63DG, 55QL5D63DA, 55QL5D63DB, 55QL5D63DG, 65QL5D63DA, 65QL5D63DB, 65QL5D63DG, 43UL4D63DA, 43UL4D63DB, 43UL4D63DG, 50UL4D63DA, 50UL4D63DB, 50UL4D63DG, 55UL4D63DA, 55UL4D63DB, 55UL4D63DG, 43UA3D63DA, 43UA3D63DG, 43UA5D63DA, 43UA5D63DB, 50UA3D63DA, 50UA3D63DG, 50UA5D63DA, 50UA5D63DB, 55UA3D63DA, 55UA3D63DG, 55UA5D63DA, 55UA5D63DB, 58UA3D63DA, 58UA3D63DG, 65UA3D63DA, 65UA3D63DG, 65UA5D63DA, 65UA5D63DB, 43QL5D63DAY, 50QL5D63DAY, 55QL5D63DAY, 65QL5D63DAY, 43QA5D63DA, 43QA5D63DB, 43QA7D63DA, 50QA5D63DA, 50QA5D63DB, 50QA7D63DA, 50QA7D63DB, 55QA5D63DA, 55QA5D63DB, 55QA7D63DA, 55QA7D63DB, 65QA5D63DA, 65QA5D63DB, 65QA7D63DA, 65QA7D63DB, 55XA9D63DA, 55XA9D63DB, 55XA9D63DG, 65XA9D63DA, 65XA9D63DB, 65XA9D63DG

Model (2022): 43UL4D63DT, 50UL4D63DT, 55UL4D63DT, 43UL4C63DG, 43UL6C63DG, 50UL4C63DG, 50UL6C63DG, 55UL4C63DG, 55UL6C63DG, 58UL4C63DG, 58UL6C63DG, 65UL4C63DG, 65UL6C63DG, 43UA3D63DT, 43UA5D63DG, 50UA3D63DT, 50UA5D63DG, 55UA3D63DT, 55UA5D63DG, 58UA3D63DT, 65UA3D63DT, 65UA5D63DG, 43QL5D63DT, 50QL5D63DT, 55QL5D63DT, 65QL5D63DT, 43QA5D63DG, 43QA5D63DT, 43QA7D63DB, 43QA7D63DG, 50QA5D63DG, 50QA5D63DT, 50QA7D63DG, 55QA5D63DG, 55QA5D63DT, 55QA7D63DG, 65QA5D63DG, 65QA5D63DT, 65QA7D63DG, 43UA2D63DB, 50UA2D63DB, 55UA2D63DB, 58UA2D63DB, 65UA2D63DB, 42UA2063DG, 42UA2B63DG, 55UA2063DT, 55UA2068DGL, 65UA2063DT, 70UA4C63DG, 70UA6C63DG, 43UA2D63DA, 43UA2D63DG, 50UA2D63DA, 50UA2D63DG, 55UA2D63DA, 55UA2D63DG, 58UA2D63DA, 58UA2D63DG, 65UA2D63DA, 65UA2D63DG, 43QA6263DG, 50QA6263DG, 55QA6263DG, 43QA4163DG, 50QA4163DG, 55QA4163DG, 70QA4C63DG, 70QA6C63DG, 42UA2063DB, 42UA2063DT, 43UA2063DT, 70UA4C63DA, 70UA4C63DB, 70UA4C63DT, 70UA6C63DA, 70UA6C63DB, 70UA6C63DT, 43UK4D63DB, 43UK4D63DG, 50UK4D63DB, 50UK4D63DG, 55UK4D63DB, 65UK4D63DB, 65UK4D63DG, 43QA4163DA, 43QA4163DT, 50QA4163DA, 50QA4163DT, 55QA4163DA, 55QA4163DT, 70QA4C63DA, 70QA4C63DB, 70QA4C63DT, 70QA6C63DA, 70QA6C63DB, 70QA6C63DT, 65UL4D63DA, 65UL4D63DB, 65UL4D63DG, 65UL4D63DT, 43QA6263DG, 50QA6263DG, 55QA6263DG, 43UL2163DBL, 43UF3D53DB, 50UF3D53DB, 55UF3D53DB, 65UF3D53DB, 42UA2063DA, 42UA2B63DA, 43V2263DA, 43V2263DB, 43V2263DG, 43V2263DT, 50V2263DA, 50V2263DB, 50V2263DG, 50V2263DT, 55V2263DA, 55V2263DB, 55V2263DG, 55V2263DT, 43UF3D63DA, 43UF3D63DAX, 50UF3D63DA, 50UF3D63DAX, 55UF3D63DA, 55UF3D63DAX, 65UF3D63DA, 65UF3D63DAX, 43QF5D53DB, 43QF5D63DA, 50QF5D53DB, 50QF5D63DA, 55QF5D53DB, 55QF5D63DA, 65QF5D53DB, 65QF5D63DA, 43UA2263DA, 43UA2263DG, 43UA2263DT, 50UA2263DA, 50UA2263DG, 50UA2263DT, 55UA2263DA, 55UA2263DG, 55UA2263DT, 58UA2263DA, 58UA2263DG, 58UA2263DT, 65UA2263DA, 65UA2263DG, 65UA2263DT, 43QA4263DA, 43QA4263DG, 50QA4263DA, 50QA4263DG, 55QA4263DA, 55QA4263DG, 43UA2D63DT, 50UA2D63DT, 55UA2D63DT, 65UA2D63DT, 43UA3263DA, 43UA3263DG, 50UA3263DA, 50UA3263DG, 50UA5D63DGY, 55UA3263DA, 55UA3263DG,58UA3263DA, 58UA3263DG, 65UA3263DA, 65UA3263DG, 43UL4D63DB/2, 43UL4D63DGY, 50UL4D63DGY, 55UL4D63DGY, 43UL3363DA, 43UL3363DB,43UL3363DG, 50UL3363DA, 50UL3363DB, 50UL3363DG, 55UL3363DA, 55UL3363DB, 55UL3363DG, 65UL3363DA, 65UL3363DB, 65UL3363DG, 43UA3263DT, 43UA4D63DA, 43UA4D63DG, 43UA4D63DT, 50UA3263DT, 50UA4D63DA, 50UA4D63DG, 50UA4D63DT, 55UA3263DT, 55UA4D63DA, 55UA4D63DG, 55UA4D63DT, 58UA3263DT, 65UA3263DT, 65UA4D63DA, 65UA4D63DG, 65UA4D63DT, 43UA2363DA, 43UA2363DG, 50UA2363DA, 50UA2363DG, 55UA2363DA,55UA2363DG, 65UA2363DA, 65UA2363DG, 43UK3C63DB/2, 43UK3C63DG/2, 43UK4D63DB/2, 50UK3163DA/2, 50UK3163DB/2, 50UK3163DG/2, 50UK3C63DG/2, 50UK4D63DB/2, 55UK3163DA/2, 55UK3163DB/2, 55UK3163DG/2, 55UK3C63DB/2, 55UK3C63DG/2, 55UK4D63DB/2, 55UL6C63DG/2, 65UK3163DA/2, 65UK3163DB/2, 65UK3163DG/2, 65UK3C63DB/2, 65UK3C63DG/2, 65UK4D63DB/2, 65UL6C63DG/2, 75VL5D63DA, 75VL5D63DB, 75VL5D63DG, 43UA5D63DGY, 55UA5D63DGY, 65UA5D63DGY, 75VA5D63DA, 75VA5D63DB, 75VA5D63DG, 43QG5E63DA, 43QG5E63DB, 43QG5E63DG, 50QG5E63DA, 50QG5E63DB, 50QG5E63DG, 55QG5E63DA, 55QG5E63DB, 55QG5E63DG, 65QG5E63DA, 65QG5E63DB, 65QG5E63DG

Model (2023): 55XL9C63DA/2, 55XL9C63DB/2, 65XL9C63DA/2, 65XL9C63DB/2, 55XA9D63DA/2, 55XA9D63DB/2, 65XA9D63DA/2, 65XA9D63DB/2, 43UL2C63DG/2, 50UL2C63DG/2, 55UL2C63DG/2, 55UL4C63DG/2, 65UL2C63DG/2, 75VL5D63DT, 75VA5D63DT, 43UA2363DT, 43UL2163DG/2, 43UL3363DT, 50UA2363DT, 50UL2163DT/2, 50UL3363DT, 55UA2363DT, 55UL2163DG/2, 55UL2163DT/2, 55UL3363DT, 65UA2363DT, 65UL2163DT/2, 65UL3363DT, 70UA5D63DT, 70UA5D63DT, 58QA4263DT, 43QA5D63DG/2, 43QG5E63DT, 50QA5D63DG/2, 50QG5E63DT, 55QA5D63DG/2, 55QG5E63DT, 65QA5D63DG/2, 65QG5E63DT, 70QA5D63DA, 70QA5D63DB, 70QA5D63DG, 70QA5D63DT, 70QA7D63DA, 70QA7D63DB, 70QA7D63DG, 70QA7D63DT, 43UK3163DG/2, 43UL3C63DT/2, 43UL6C63DG/2, 43UL6E63DG, 50UL3C63DT/2, 50UL6C63DG/2, 50UL6E63DG, 55UL6E63DG, 65UL6E63DG, 70UA5D63DA, 70UA5D63DB, 70UA5D63DG, 50UL2163DAY/2, 50UL2163DB/2, 50UL2163DBC/2, 50UL2163DG/2, 50UL3263DB/2, 50UL4D63DB/2, 50UL4D63DG/2, 55UL2163DAY/2, 55UL2163DBC/2, 55UL3263DB/2, 55UL4D63DB/2, 55UL4D63DG/2, 65UL2163DAY/2, 65UL2163DBC/2, 65UL2163DG/2, 55XL9C63DG/2, 65XL9C63DG/2, 43UF3F63DA, 43UF3F63DB, 50UF3F63DA,50UF3F63DB,
55UF3F63DA, 55UF3F63DB, 65UF3F63DA, 65UF3F63DB,
65QA2363DA, 65QA2363DAZ, 65QA2363DG, 65QA2363DT, 43QA2363DA, 43QA2363DAZ, 43QA2363DG, 43QA2363DT, 50QA2363DA, 50QA2363DAZ, 50QA2363DG, 50QA2363DT, 55QA2363DA, 55QA2363DAZ, 55QA2363DG, 55QA2363DT, 65QA2363DT, 65QA7D63DAZ, 55QA7D63DAZ, 50QA7D63DAZ, 43QA7D63DAZ, 70QA7D63DAZ, 43UV2463DA, 43UV3463DA, 50UV2463DA, 50UV3463DA, 50UV3463DAW, 55UV2463DA, 55UV3463DA
55UV3463DAW, 65UV2463DA, 65UV3463DA

Model (2024): 70QA5D63DGR, 70UA5D63DGR, 43UF3F53DB,

Regime: 4K HDR Immersive Logo
Device: TV

Model (2022): 4322UHDSM, 5022UHDSM, 5522UHDSM

Model (2023): 65AN7003UHD, 65AN7093UHD, 43AN7503UHD, 43AN7593UHD, 50AN7503UHD, 50AN7593UHD, 55AN7503UHD, 55AN7593UHD, 43QS8503UHD, 43QS8593UHD, 55QS8503UHD, 55QS8593UHD, 70QS8003UHD

Model (2020): LED4345UHDA, LED5045UHDA, LED5545UHDA, LED6545UHDA
Model (2023): 43750QLED, 50750QLED, 55750QLED, 65750QLED, 43750UHD, 50750UHD, 55750UHD, 65750UHD

Model (2020): A43AHDHS20, A50AHDHS20, A65AHDHS20


Model (2022): ZOU10065

Model (2020):CL50UHD20BSWC
Model (2024): CL55UHDSW24B, CL65UHDSW24B

Continental Edison
Model (2023): CELED65UHDSA23B3, CELED43SAUHD24B3
Model (2024): CELED55SAQLD24B3, CELED65SAQLD24B3

Model (2020): 43UAN201, 55UAN201
Model (2021): 43UHD180EG1, 50552UHDHDRS
Model (2022): 43UHD180EG1, 55UAN221, 65UAN221
Model (2023): 43BI23UHDS, 43HU23UHD, 50BI23UHDS, 55BI23UHDS, 55HU23UHDS, 65HU23UHDS, 70HU23UHDS, 65BI23UHDS, 70BI23UHDS, DHA50QLED24B, DHA55QLED24B, DHA65QLED24B
Model (2024): 70BI23UHDS,

Model (2020): D50JU6000, DL49U550P1CW, D50U550P1CW
Model (2022): D50U550P1CW, DL55U550P2CW, DL55U550P2CW

Model (2022): 43SMARTwifi, ED43A05UHD-VE, ED55A02UHD-VE, ED55A02UHD-VE, ED43A06UHD-VE, ED50A02UHD-VE, ED65A01UHD-VE, ED43E02UHD-VE, 50 UHD, ED50A04UHD-VE, ED55A04UHD-VE, ED65A03UHD-VE, ED43E03UHD-VE, ED43E04UHD-VE, ED43EA06UHD-VE
Model (2023): ED50EA01UHD-VE
Model (2024): ED55A08UHD-VE, ED65A09UHD-VE, ED65EA08UHD-VE, ED75C00UHD

Model (2023): 55USL231, 55USL231

Model (2022): 43E23UHDS, 50E23UHDS, 55E23UHDS
Model (2023): 50E23UHDS1, 55E23UHDS1

Model (2023): XTV-5503-WIFI

Model (2020): FS5020 DACHSTEIN, FS5520 Traunstein, FS6520 Untersberg, FS4320 Gaisberg, FS4322 Gaisberg, FS5522 Traunstein, FS6522 Untersberg

Model (2021): L-4320UHDTS2, L-5020UHDTS2, L-5520UHDTS2, L-5019UHDTS2
Model (2023): TV A-5023UHDTS2, TV A-5523UHDTS2, TV A-6523UHDTS2
Model (2024): QA-5024UHDTS2, QA-5524UHDTS2, QA-6524UHDTS2

Model (2021): 43UHD-I600 SMART TV
Model (2023): 50UHDBOULANGER, 50UHDBOULANGER, TV Essb 50UHD-H600
Model (2024): 55V-QLED

Model (2020): 43-FAE-9560, 50-FAE-9560, 55-FAE-9060, 55-FAE-9560, 65-FAE-9060, 55-FUF-7060
Model (2021): 43-FAF-9160, 43-FAF-9260, 55-FAF-9160, 58-FAF-9160, 65-FAF-9160, 55-FUF-7071, 58-FAF-9260, 65-FAF-9260, 65-FQF-1060, 65-FUF-7161, 75-FUF-7150, 43-FUF-7150, 50-FUF-8261, 55-FUF-7161, 55-FUF-8261, 65-FUF-9060, 55-FUF-9060, 42-FUF-7161, 43-FUF-7150, 65-FUF-7150
Model (2022): 43UHD667-505, 43-FUG-7150, 55-FUG-7150, 65-FUG-7150, 75-FUG-7150, 43G9ECMI, 55G9ECMI, 55-FUG-8560, 55UHD5005, 75-FUG-8560, 43G10ECMB, 55G10ECMB, 65G10EGMB, 55-FAH-9170, 65G9ESMB, 75G9ESMB, 75-FAF-8560, 65UHD6005, 65-FUG-7060, 55G11EGMB, 65G11EGMB, 43-FUF-9060, 43-FUG-9070, 50-FUG-9070, 55-FUG-9070, 65-FUG-9070, 43-FQF-9460, 55-FQF-9460, 55G11EGMBE, 65G11EGMBE, 65-FAG-9560, 75-FAG-8560, 43G9WCMI, 50G9ECMI, 50G9WCMI, 55G9WCMI
Model (2023): 55UHD7101, 50-FAG-9060, 55-FAG-9060, 70G10ESMB, 50-FUF-7162, 55-FQH-9460, 65-FQH-9560, 43-FQG-9460, 55-FUG-7150E, 65-FAG-9460, FL-43AN4K
FL-50AN4K, FL-55AN4K, FLQ5035ANDROID, 43G10.1ECMI,  50G10.1ECMI, 55G10.1ECMI,  65G10.1ECMI,
70G10.1ECMI,  43G9.1ECMI, 50G9.1ECMI,  55G9.1ECMI, 65G9.1ESMI, 43-FUF-7161-, 43-FUF-7162, 50-FUG-9060
Model (2024): 55-FUH-9460, 65-FUH-9460, 50-FAH-9460, 43-FUI-7160,
50-FUI-7160, 55G10ESMI,
43UVFR5020, 50UVFR5020,

Model (2022): UD50VGH231S, UD55VGH231S

Model (2021): TVU50Y652STWEB, TVU43Y652STWEB, TVU55Y652STWEB, TVU65Y652STWEB
Model (2023): TVU43X350GWEB, TVU50X350GWEB, TVU55X350GWEB

Model (2020): 55H600UDS, 58H600UDS, 65H600UDS
Model (2021): 55H600UDS II, 43H700UDS
Model (2022): 50H700UDS

High One
Model (2022): 55Smart wifi

Model (2020): 43HAL7250, 50HAL7250, 58HAL7250, 65HAL7250, U50K6100, U50K6100A, 43HL7201, 50HL7201, 55HL7201
Model (2021): 43HAK5350, 50HAK5350, 50HAK6350, 55HAK5350, 55HAK6350, 58HAK5350, 65HAK5350, 43HK5300, 43HK5300W, 50HK5300, 55HK5300, 55HK5300W, 55HK6300, 58HK5300, 65HK5300, 43HAK6350, 65HAQ7350, 55HAQ7350, 43HAE5350W, 43HAK6351, 43HAL7350, 43HAL7352, 50HAK6351, 50HAL7350, 50HAL7352, 55HAE5350W, 55HAK6351, 55HAL7350, 55HAL7352, 58HAL7350, 58HAL7352, 65HAL7350, 65HAL7352, 43HE5301, 43HE5306, 43HK6301, 50HE5301, 50HE5306, 50HK6301, 55HE5301, 55HE5306, 55HK6301, 58HE5301, 58HE5306, 58HK6301, 65HE5301, 65HE5306, 65HK6301, 43HAK6350, 43HK6300, 43HL7300, 50HK6300, 50HL7300, 55HL7300, 58HL7300, 65HL7300, 65HT8160UD 65″ 4K SMART LED TV, 55HAL7250, 43HE5300, 50HE5300, 55HE5300, 58HE5300, 65HE5300, 50HK6200U, 55HK6200U, 58HK6200U, 65HL7200U, 43HK6200U, 70HL7300, 43HK5310, 42HK5302, 50HK5310, 55HK5310, 55HL9300, 65HL9300, U65L7300, 65F52HE5302, 55F52HE5320, U43L7300, U50L7300, U55L7300
Model (2022): 43HAL7451, 50HAL7451, 55HAK6450, 55HAL7451, 65HAK6450, 65HAL7451, 43HL7300, 50HL7300, 55HL7300, 58HL7300, 65HL7300, 43HAK6450, 50HAK6450, 70HAK6450, 70HAL7451, 55HAL9450, 65HAL9450, 43HAQ7450, 50HAQ7450, 55HAQ7450, 65HAQ7450, 70HAQ7450, 55FB322HAQ6360, 55F501HAK5360, 65F501HAQ6351, 70F501HAQ6351, 65FB7HE5301, 43HAK5450, 50HAK5450, 55HAK5450, 65HAK5450, 43HAQ6451, 55HAQ6451, 43FB35HAK5451, 43B35HAK5451, 55FB322HAQ6460, 55HAQ6460, 65HAQ7450, 50HAK5350-1, 50HAK5350-1, 55HAK5350-1, 55HAK5350-1, 43HAQ6460, 50HAQ6460, 50HAQ6461, 55HAQ6460, 65HAQ6460, Q43KA6360, Q50KA6360, Q55KA6360, Q65KA7350, 43HAQ6361, 50HAQ6361, 55HAQ6361, 65HAQ6361, 70HAQ6361
Model (2023): 43HK5300WE, 55HK5300WE, 43F501HAK5351, 43FB32HAK5351, 50F501HAK5351, 55F501HAK5351, 65F501HAK5351, 43F501HK5320, 43HK5300/2, 50HAK5350/2, 55F501HK5320, 55HAK5350/2, 43HAQ6360/2

Model (2024): 50HL7560U/D,

Model (2020): 50HFS658B, 55HFS658B

Model (2023): ULX43359GSMART, ULX50359GSMART, ULX55359GSMART, ULX65359GSMART
Model (2022): HY55O8ANDROID, HY55Q5ANDROID
Model (2024): 43 HYN 8100 V4KB, 75 HYN 8100 AN4K, 43 HYN 8010 VD4K, 50 HYN 8010 VD4K,  55 HYN 8010 VD4K,  50 HYN 8100 VDQ4K

Model (2020): LT-55C800(A), LT-43VU8055, LT-50VU8055, LT-55VU8055, LT-58VU8055, LT-65VU8055, LT-43VA8035, LT-50VA8035, LT-55VA8035, LT-58VA8035, LT-43VA6900S, LT-50VA6900S, LT-55VA6900S, LT-65VA6900S, LT-65VA8035
Model (2021): LT-55VU8095, LT-43VA6100, LT-43VA7100, LT-50VA6100, LT-50VA7100, LT-55VA6100, LT-55VA7100, LT-55VAQ8100, LT-58VA6100, LT-65VA6100, LT-65VAQ8100, LT-55VAQ8100, LT-65VAQ8100, LT-42VU3100, LT-43VU3100, LT-50VU3100, LT-55VU3100, LT-58VU3100, LT-65VU3100, LT-43VU6100, LT-43VU8100, LT-50VU6100, LT-50VU8100, LT-55VU6100, LT-55VU8100, LT-58VU6100, LT-58VU8100, LT-65VU6100, LT-65VU8100, LT-43 MB180E G31, LT-55VAQ8135, LT-65VAQ8135, LT-43VU6105, LT-50VU6105, LT-55VU6105, LT-70VU8100, LT-43VU3105, LT-50VU3105, LT-55VU3105, LT-58VU3105, LT-65VU3105, LT-55VO9100, LT-65VO9100, LT-42VU3155, LT-43VU8155, LT-50VU8155, LT-55VU8155, LT-58VU8155, LT-65VU8155, LT-55VO9105, 43JA185, LT-55VAO9200, LT-55VAO9235
Model (2022): LT-43VU2200, LT-43VU6200, LT-50VU2200, LT-50VU6200, LT-55VU2200, LT-55VU6200, LT-58VU6200, LT-65VU6200, LT-43VU3000M, LT-50VU3000M, LT-55VU3000M, LT-43VA6200, LT-43VA7200, LT-50VA6200, LT-50VA7200, LT-55VA6200, LT-55VA7200, LT-58VA6200, LT-65VA6200, LT-65VA7200, LT-43VAQ6200, LT-50VAQ6200, LT-55VAQ6200, LT-43VU2205, LT-50VU2205, LT-55VU2205, LT-43CF810(C), LT-43VU7200, LT-50VU7200, LT-55VU7200, LT-58VU7200, LT-65VU7200, LT-70VU7200, LT-43VAQ7200, LT-43VAQ8200, LT-50VAQ7200, LT-50VAQ8200, LT-55VAQ7200, LT-55VAQ8200, LT-65VAQ7200, LT-65VAQ8200, LT-70VAQ7200, LT-65VAO9200, LT-50CF820, LT-55CF820, LT-75VA8035, LT-43VU2255, LT-43VU6205, LT-50VU2255, LT-50VU6205, LT-55VU2255, LT-55VU6205, LT-43VAQ6235, LT-43VAQ7235, LT-50VAQ6235, LT-50VAQ7235, LT-55VAQ6235, LT-55VAQ7235, LT-55VAQ8235, LT-65VAQ8235, LT-50VU6100, LT-58VU8156, LT-43VGQ8200, LT-50VGQ8200, LT-65VAQ6235, LT-43VAQ3200, LT-50VAQ3200, LT-55VAQ3200, LT-43VAQ3201, LT-50VAQ3201, LT-55VAQ3201, LT-50VU8156, LT-43VU6100, LT-43VU8156, LT-50CF810(C), LT-50VU8100, LT-55VU6100, LT-55VU8156, LT-58VU6100, LT-58VU8100, LT-55VGQ8200, LT-43VU2201, LT-43VU3101, LT-50VU3101, LT-55VU2201, LT-55VU3101, LT-65VU3101, LT-43CF810(D), LT-65VU8156, LT-70VU7255, LT-43VA7255, LT-50VA7255, LT-55VA7255, LT-65VA7255, LT-50CF820(A), LT-55CF820(A), LT-50VAQ6255, LT-65VAQ7255, LT-65VGQ8200, LT-55VO9101, LT-65VO9101, LT-55VAO9201, LT-65VAO9201
Model (2023): LT-43VU2256, LT-55VU2256, LT-43VAQ6255, LT-55VAQ6255, LT-70VAQ7255, LT-43V6000, LT-43VA3300, LT-43VA3335, LT-50VA3300, LT-50VA3335, LT-50VU3155, LT-55VA3300, LT-55VA3335, LT-65VA3300, LT-65VA3335, LT-75VA6335, LT-43VAQ3300, LT-50VAQ3300, LT-55VAQ3300, LT-65VAQ3300, LT-55VAO9335, LT-65VAO9235, 50QLED703samp, LT-43CF820, LT-43VAQ330P, LT-43VAQ725I, LT-50VAQ330P, LT-50VAQ725I, LT-55VAQ330P, LT-55VAQ725I, LT-65VAQ330P, LT-65VAQ725I, LT-70VAQ7235, LT-70VAQ725I, 43TiVo753, LT-43VA7300, LT-50VA7300, LT-55VA7300, LT-65CF810(B), LT-65VA7300, LT-70VA6200, LT-75VA7300, LT-75VA8300, LT-43VA3200S, LT-43VA3300S
LT-55CF820(B), LT-55CF810(C), LT-43VD3300
LT-50VD3300, LT-55VD3300, LT-65VD3300, LT-75VAQ3400, LT-75VA7400, LT-43VGQ8255, LT-50VGQ8255, LT-55VGQ8255, LT-65VGQ8255, LT-55VGO9400, LT-65VGO9400
Model (2024): LT-43VD3300S, LT-50VD3300S, LT-55VD3300S, LT-65VD3300S, LT-43VA3360, LT-50VA3360, LT-50VGQ7400, LT-55VGQ7400, LT-43VU3300S, LT-50VU3300S, LT-55VU3300S, LT-65VU3300S, LT-75VAQ3435, LT-55VGM8400, LT-65VGM8400, LT-43VGQ7400, LT-65VGQ7400, LT-75VGQ7400, LT-55VUQ8400, LT-65VUQ8400, LT-70VUQ8400, LT-43VUQ3455, LT-50VUQ3455, LT-55VUQ3455, LT-65VUQ3455, LT-43VU3400S, LT-43VU3455, LT-50VU3400S, LT-50VU3455, LT-55VU3400S, LT-55VU3455, LT-65VU3400, LT-65VU3400S, LT-65VU3455, LT-43CF630, LT-43CF630R, LT-50CF630, LT-50CF630R, LT-55CF630, LT-55CF630R, LT-65CF630, LT-65CF630R, LT-75VA7435, LT-55CF810®

Model (2020): 50 LED 8201 B, 50LED6201B, 55 LED 8201 B, 65 LED 8201 B
Model (2021): 55 OLED 40SE, 65 OLED 40SE
Model (2022): 86 LED 8221 DG, 98 LED 8221 DG, 43 LED 8231 DG, 50 LED 8231 DG, 55 QLED 9231 TS, 65 QLED 9231 TS
Model (2024): 42OLED, 42 OLED EX1, 42OLEDLINUX

Model (2022): 167-4310

Model (2021): Loewe bild i.65 dr+, Loewe bild i.55 dr+, Loewe bild i.48 dr+, Loewe bild c.43

Model (2020): L55UE20(A)

Model (2020): LED50MPi, LED55MPi, DL43U660T2CW, DL50U660T2CW, DL55U660T2CW, DL58U660T2CW, DL65U660T2CW, DLA55BL650, DL43U550T1CW, DL50U550T1CW, DL55U550T1CW, DL58U550T1CW, DL65U550T1CW, LED50MPi, LED55MPi, LED43MPi
Model (2021): LAN43BL650, LAN50BL650, LED50Smart, LED5050
Model (2022): LUX0143010/01, LUX0150011/01, LUX0155009/01, LUX0165004/01, QLED50OD700, 55″ QLED, QLED43OD701, QLED50OD701, LED65UHDA, QLED55OD701, LUX0143011/01, LUX0150012/01, LUX0155010/01, LUX0165005/01
Model (2023): LED5050UHDA, LUX0170001/01
Model (2024): LUX0170001/01

Model (2021): MD32355, MD32356 EU
Model (2022): MD32355 EU, MD33989 EU, MD31913, MD31914

Mitchell and Brown
Model (2022): JB-43QLED1811, JB-50QLED1811, JB-55QLED1811
Model (2024): JB-43QLED1811LIN, JB-50QLED1811LIN, JB-55QLED1811LIN

Model (2020): 43 UA7500
Model (2021): 50 UA7500, 43 UA7510, 42 UA6600, 65 QL8000, 50 QL8000, 55 QL8000, 43 UA7400, 50 UA7400, 55 UA7400, 43 UA7400, 50 UA 7400, 55 UA7400, 55 OL9000, 65 OL9000, 43 QL8000
Model (2022): 50 UA7510, 55 UA7510, 43 UA8000, 50 UA8000, 55 UA8000, 65 UA7510, 65 UA8000, 55 UA8500, 65 UA8500, 43 QL 8500, 43 QL8500, 50 QL 8500, 50 QL8500, 55 QL 8500, 55 QL8500, 65 QL 8500, 65 QL8500, 55 QL 8900, 65 QL 8900, 43 UA7900, 50 UA7900, 55 UA7900, 65 UA7900
Model (2023): 43 UA6900, 43 UA7520, 50 UA6900, 55 UA6900
Model (2024): 55 UA7520,
50 UA6910

Model (2023): NL43AU3023, NL55AU3023

Model (2023): NI-43UB7001SW, NI-43UB7001S, NI-50UB7001S, NI-55UB7001S, NI-43UB8002S, NI-50UB8002S, NI-55UB8002S, NI-65UB8001SE, NI-65UB8002S, NI-43UB8001SE, NI-50UB8001SE, NI-55UB8001SE

Model (2021): OLED Smart TV 5500D, OLED SMART TV 6500D, OLED ONR55GV215ISW, Smart TV ONR55GV210I
Model (2022): Smart TV ONR55GV215ISW, Smart TV ONR65GV230ISW, ONR55GV230ISW, ONR65GV230ISW, Smart TV ONR55GV230ISW

Model (2021): Wegavision UHD43B, Wegavision UHD50B, Wegavision UHD55B, Wegavision OLED55A, Wegavision OLED65A, Wegavision UHD43B1, Wegavision UHD50B1, Wegavision UHD55B1
Model (2022): Wegavision UHD65B, ART65UHD, ART43UHD, ART50UHD, ART55UHD

Model (2022): IMTRON QLED

Model (2021): LT-1397 LED A180, LT-1397 LED A180B, LT-1660 O180B, LT-OLED65
Model (2023): LT-Andr-43 4K1, LT-Andr50 B01, LT-Andr55 B01

Model (2021): ORS43551UHD, ORS50551UHD

Model (2022): P43UPA2032A, P50UPA2032A, P55UPA2032A, P43UPA2033A, P50UPA2033A, P55UPA2033A
Model (2024): P50UPF2024A

Model (2020):58A900H
Model (2021):43A920H
Model (2022):43Q950H, 50Q950H, 55Q950H, 65Q950H, 55A901H, 65SL901H, 43SL901H, 55SL901H
Model (2023): 70Q950H, 43Q970H, 55Q970H, 65Q970H
Model (2024): 55ST901H

Model (2020): 43UAND8009-B, 65UAND8009-B
Model (2022): 43QAND9022, 55QAND9022
Model (2023): 55UA7023S, 70AND9023, 43QAND9023, 55QAND9023
Model (2024): 65QUA9024

Model (2020):Q43US201B, Q55US202B
Model (2022): Q50HS232B, Q50US232B
Model (2023): Q50US231, Q50US233B

Model (2021): 55R754U 55″ 4K SMART TV, 55RH0LU 55″ 4K SMART TV, 43R754U 43″ 4K SMART TV, 43R855U 43″ 4K SMART TV, 50R754U 50″ 4K SMART TV, 50R855U 50″ 4K SMART TV, 50RH0LU 50″ 4K SMART TV, 55R855U 55″ 4K SMART TV, 58R754U 58″ 4K SMART TV, 65R754U 65″ 4K SMART TV, 75R754U 75″ 4K SMART TV, 55R754U 55″ 4K SMART TV, 75R754U 75″ 4K SMART TV, 55R855U 55″ 4K SMART TV, 58R754U 58″ 4K SMART TV

Model (2020): SMART55LED4K-WIFI-K (580014), Smart55S2, SMART65LED4K-WIFI-K (580013), Smart65S2, 43UHS3804, A55S2
Model (2022): A50S2, A58S2, A65S2
Model (2023): 43 MILKYWAY/1, 43UA550, 50UA550, 55UA550, 65UA550, SMART50TV, SMART55TV, SMART65TV, 43QLEDTV/1, 50QLEDTV/1, 55QLEDTV/1

Model (2022): 55OLED, 65OLED

Schaub Lorenz
Model (2022): SL43550HWS, SL43660US, SL50660US

Model (2020): 50″ UHD 455, 50UHD 455 B
Model (2021): 55UHD 455 B, 58UHD 455 B, 65UHD 455 B, 43LED SM350 B, 43UHD SM455 B
Model (2024): 55UHD A465 B, 65UHD A465 B

Model (2020): B5025UHD, B5525UHD

Model (2022): TV-VT432022

Sulpice TV
Model (2024): 65SULP2UHD180DB750, 43SULPAUHD750

Model (2023): SFC4323UHDA, SFC5023UHDA, SFC5523UHDA, SFC6523UHDA, SFC7023UHDA

Model (2020): U43XA53B, U50XA53B, U55XA53B, U58XA53B, U65XA53B, 50AO9UHD, TK49UHDS40B, U43T60F, U50T60F, TKA50UHD22B, TKA58UHD22B, TKA65UHD22B
Model (2022): TKA43UHD22B, TKA55UHD22B, 43AO11UHD, 50AO11UHD, 55AO11UHD, 58AO11UHD, 65AO11UHD, TKA50UHD22B, TKA58UHD22B, TKA65UHD22B, TK43UHDA22B, TK50UHDA22B, TK55UHDA22B, 43AO11UHDA, 50AO11UHDA, 55AO11UHDA, 65AO11UHDA, TK43UHDA23B, TKA55QLED23B, TKA65QLED23B
Model (2023): TK55UHDA23B, TKA43UHD23B, TKA50UHD23B, TD65UHD23AND


Model (2022): LED50UHD22B, LED55UHD23B
Model (2023): LEDA65UHD23B, LEDA65UHD23B, LED43UHD23B
Model (2024): LED50UHD24B

Model (2023): TK70UHDS23B, TK65UHDS24B, TKA43UHD24B
Model (2024): TK43QLEDS24B,

Model (2020): D43V900M4CWH, D50V900M4CWH, D55V900M4CWH, D65V900M4CWH, D40U551R1CW, D40U553M1CW, D43U551N1CW, D43U551R1CW, D50U551N1CW, D50U551R1CW, D55U551R1CW, D55U553E1CW, D58U551R1CW, D58U553M1CW, D65U551R1CW, XU43AJ600, XU50AJ600, XU55AJ600, XU58AJ600, XU65AJ600, D43U660B1CW, D50U660B1CW, D55U551N1CWI, D55U660B1CW, D58U660N1CW, D65U660B1CW, TFL49AUHD20BC, D50UX1CW Supreme, T50EX8620, T55EX8620, T65EX8620, TFL75UHDSW20BC
Model (2021): 50TU7550UA 50″ 4K SMART LED TV, 58TU7550A 58″ 4K SMART LED TV, D50U660R2CW, D43U550R1CW WEISS, XQ65, D50U550Y2CW, TE42550S44U2P, TE43550S44U2P, TE43550S44U4P, TE50550S44U2P, TE55550S44U2P, G31PILOT, TE43550S44U4PC, XU42K700, D43U660N5CW, D50U660N5CW
D55U660N5CW, D43U760B1CW, D50U760B1CW, D55U760B1CW, QU43K800, QU50K800, QU55K800, QU65K800, D55U660Z1CW
Model (2022): XU50K710, D43U550X1CW, D50U550X1CW, D55U550X1CW, D65U551X1CW, D43U660X5CWI, D50U660X5CWI, XU50L800, XU65L800, XU70L800, QU70L800, TE65650G55U4UA, D43U750X2CW, D50U750X2CW, D55U750X2CW, TE50550B44U2P, TE50750B46U2P, XU43L800, TFK43UBA2SDB
50DTU523, D43U750R1CW, D50U750R1CW, D55U750R1CW, D43U660O2CWI, D50U660O2CWI, D55U660O2CWI, D65U660O2CWI, TE50550B44U2P/E, TE50550XX, TFK55UBA2SDB, XU65SN660S, TE55660G56U4QA, TE55660XX, TE60660XX, TE65660G56U4QA
Model (2023): D43U550Z2CW, D43U660O2CW, D43U660O2CWII, D50U660O2CW, D50U660O2CWII, D55U660O2CW, D65U660O2CW, TE43550B44U2P, TFL43AUHD22BC, TFL43AUHD23BC, TFL43AUHD23BC, TFL55AUHD22BC, TFL55AUHD23BC, TFL55AUHD23BC, TFL70UHDS23BC, XU50AJ610, TFK23QAUHD70B, TFK23QAUHD43B, TFK23QAUHD50B, TFK23QAUHD55B, TFK23QAUHD65B, D43U860B2CW, D50U660O2CWII, D50U860B2CW, D55U660O2CWII, D55U860B2CW, D65U660O2CWII, TEG56GTV, TFL50UHDS23BHC, 43TLFQA9650, 55TLFQA9650, TE55750B46U2P, TE65750G60U4P
Model (2024): TE65750G60U4PA, TFL50AUHD24BC
TFL65AUHD24BC, QU43AN900M, 43TLFQA9690, 50TLFQA9690, 55TLFQA9690, QU43TO750S,
D55U960B2CW, TFK 24 QAUHD 70 B, TFK 24 QAUHD 43 B, TFK 24 QAUHD 55 B, TFK 24 QAUHD 65 B

Model (2022): 43TTUHD4001, 50TTUHD5001, 55TTUHD5001, 65TTUHD5001

Model (2022): TL55UHDB22, TL65UHDBL22SW, TL43UHDB23, TL50UHDB23, TL55UHDB23
Model (2023): TL43QLEDABL23, TL65UHDBL23SW, TL55UHDB24, TL65UHDBL24SW
Model (2024): TL55UHDB24, TL65QLEDA24B,

Model (2021): V43U8000
Model (2022): V50U6020S, V55U6020S

Model (2021): 70U9600 70″ 4K SMART TV, 70Q9900 70″ QLED 4K SMART TV, 55O9900 55″ OLED 4K SMART TV, 65O9900 65″ OLED 4K SMART TV

Model (2023): V65V750DLV, V65V850UV
Model (2024): V50V750DLV

Model (2022): WP4K43221BRD, WP4K50221BRD, WP4K55221BRD, WP4K65221BRD, WP4K43231BRD, WP4K50231BRD, WP4K55231BRD, WP4K65231BRD
Model (2023): WP4K70231BRD

Model (2024): WQ  430 UHD 02 T, WQ  500 UHD 02 T, WQ  550 UHD 02 T

We. By Loewe:
Model (2021): We. SEE 43, We. SEE 50, We. SEE 55

Compliant Devices: 4K HDR Ultra HD

Regime: 4K HDR Ultra HD
Device: TV

Model (2020): L43UHD610 WHITE-K, L55UHD610 WHITE, L55UHD610 WHITE-K, L65UHD630, LED43UHD620, LED43UHD620-K, LED50UHD610, LED55UHD620, LED55UHD620-K
Model (2021): L43UHD610 WHITE, L50522UHDS

Regime: 4K HDR Ultra HD
Device: TV
Model (2019): TX-49GXW904, TX-65GZ2000B, TX-55GZ2000B, TX-65GZ1500B, TX-55GZ1500B, TX-65GZ1000B, TX-55GZ1000B, TX-65GZ950B, TX-65GZ960B, TX-55GZ950B, TX-55GZ960B, TX-75GX920B, TX-65GX800B, TX-65GX820B, TX-58GX800B, TX-58GX820B, TX-50GX800B, TX-50GX820B, TX-40GX800B, TX-40GX820B, TX-65GZ2000E, TX-55GZ2000E, TX-65GZ1500E, TX-55GZ1500E, TX-65GZ1000E, TX-55GZ1000E, TX-65GZ950E, TX-65GZ960E, TX-55GZ950E, TX-55GZ960E, TX-75GX942E, TX-65GX800E, TX-58GX800E, TX-50GX800E, TX-40GX800E, TX-65GX810E, TX-65GX820E, TX-65GX830E, TX-58GX810E, TX-58GX820E, TX-58GX830E, TX-50GX810E, TX-50GX820E, TX-50GX830E, TX-40GX810E, TX-40GX820E, TX-40GX830E, TX-65GZC2004, TX-55GZC2004, TX-65GZC1505, TX-55GZC1505, TX-65GZC1004, TX-55GZC1004, TX-65GZC954, TX-65GZC964, TX-55GZC954, TX-55GZC964, TX-65GZW2004, TX-55GZW2004, TX-65GZW1004, TX-55GZW1004, TX-65GZW954, TX-65GZW964, TX-55GZW954, TX-55GZW964, TX-75GXW945, TX-65GXW904, TX-55GXW904, TX-43GXW904, TX-65GXW804, TX-58GXW804, TX-50GXW804, TX-40GXW804, TX-55GXF937, TX-55GXN938, TX-55GXT936, TX-55GXX939, TX-49GXF937, TX-49GXN938, TX-49GXT936, TX-49GXX939, TX-43GXF937, TX-43GXN938, TX-43GXT936, TX-43GXX939, TX-65GXF887, TX-65GXN888, TX-65GXT886, TX-65GXX889, TX-58GXF887, TX-58GXN888, TX-58GXT886, TX-58GXX889, TX-50GXF887, TX-50GXN888, TX-50GXT886, TX-50GXX889, TX-40GXF887, TX-40GXN888, TX-40GXT886, TX-40GXX889, TX-65GZF1507, TX-65GZN1508, TX-65GZT1506, TX-65GZX1509, TX-55GZF1507, TX-55GZN1508, TX-55GZT1506, TX-55GZT1506, TX-55GZX1509, TX-65GZR1000, TX-55GZR1000, TX-55GZR950, TX-65GXR900, TX-55GXR900, TX-49GXR900, TX-50HX580B, TX-50HX580E

Model (2018): TX-49FX740E, TX-65FX700B, TX-55FX700B, TX-49FX700B, TX-65FX700E, TX-55FX700E, TX-49FX700E, TX-65FXW724, TX-55FXW724, TX-49FXW724, TX-40FXW724, TX-55FXF737, TX-55FXN738, TX-55FXT736, TX-55FXX739, TX-49FXF737, TX-49FXN738, TX-49FXT736, TX-49FXX739, TX-40FXF737, TX-40FXN738, TX-40FXT736, TX-40FXX739, TX-65FX600B, TX-55FX600B, TX-55FX650B, TX-49FX600B, TX-49FX650B, TX-43FX600B, TX-43FX650B, TX-65FX600E, TX-65FX603E, TX-65FX620E, TX-65FX623E, TX-55FX600E, TX-55FX603E, TX-55FX613E, TX-55FX620E, TX-55FX623E, TX-55FX633E, TX-49FX600E, TX-49FX603E, TX-49FX613E, TX-49FX620E, TX-49FX623E, TX-49FX633E, TX-43FX600E, TX-43FX603E, TX-43FX613E, TX-43FX620E, TX-43FX623E, TX-43FX633E, TX-65FXW654, TX-55FXW654, TX-55FXW654S, TX-49FXW654, TX-49FXW654S, TX-43FXW654, TX-43FXW654S, TX-40FXW654, TX-65FXF687, TX-65FXM655, TX-65FXN688, TX-65FXT686, TX-65FXX689, TX-55FXF687, TX-55FXM655, TX-55FXN688, TX-55FXT686, TX-55FXX689, TX-49FXF687, TX-49FXM655, TX-49FXN688, TX-49FXT686, TX-49FXX689, TX-40FXF687, TX-40FXM655, TX-40FXN688, TX-40FXT686, TX-40FXX689, TX-65FXR600, TX-55FXR600, TX-49FXR600, TX-49FXR610, TX-43FXR600, TX-43FXR610, TX-55FXW584, TX-49FXW584

Regime: 4K HDR Ultra HD
Device: TV
Model (2020): 43UA3A63DG, 55UA3A63DG, 65UA3A63DG, 65X9863DG, 43T6863DA, 43U2963DGL, 43U5863DA, 43U6863DA, 43V6863DA, 49T6863DA, 49U2963DG, 49U5863DA, 49U7863DG, 49V5863DA, 49V5863DAL, 49V6863DA, 49V6863DG, 50U5863DA, 55T6863DA, 55U2963DA, 55U5863DA, 55U6863DAZ, 55U7863DA, 55U7863DG, 55V5863DA, 65U5863DA, 43UL3A63DG, 43VL5A63DG, 49TL7A63DG, 49UL3A63DG, 50UL3A63DTA, 50VL5A63DG, 55TL7A63DG, 55VL5A63DG, 58UL3A63DG, 65UL3A63DG, 65VL5A63DG, 43UA3A63DT, 49UA3A63DT, 58UA3A63DT, 65UA3A63DT, 50UA3A63DA, 50UA3A63DT, 58UA3A63DA, 43HAK6150U H, 50HAK6150U H, 55HAK6150U H, 58HAK6150U, 65HAK6150U, 50HK6100U C, 65HL7101U A, 43F501HK6100, 43HK6100U, 43HK6600, 43HL7100U, 49HK6600, 50AC201HK6100, 50HK6100U, 50HK6100U A, 50HK6600, 50HL7100U, 50HL7100U A, 55AC201HK6100, 55F52HK6100, 55HK6100U, 55HK6100U A, 55HK6100U D, 55HK6600, 55HL7100U, 55HL7100U A, 58HK6100U, 58HK6100U C, 65HK6600, 65HL7100U, 65HL7101U B, HT43U6100C, HT50U6100C, HT55U6100C, 43UA3A63DA, 43UA3A63DB, 49UA3A63DA, 49UA3A63DB

Model (2019): 43U3963DG, 50U2963DB, 58U2963DB, 65U2963DB, 43UL2A63DB, 43UL2A63DG, 49UL2A63DG, 50UA3A63DG, 50UA3A63DGR, 58UA3A63DG, 58UA3A63DGR, 55X9863DA, 55X9863DA, 55X9863DA, 55X9863DB, 55X9863DB, 55X9863DG, 55X9863DG, 55X9863DG, 55X9863DG, 65X9863DA, 65X9863DA, 65X9863DB, 65X9863DB, 65X9863DG, 65X9863DG, 65X9863DG, 65X9863DG, 43T6863DA, 43T6863DA, 43T6863DB, 43T6863DB, 43T6863DG, 43T6863DG, 43U5863DA, 43U5863DA, 43U5863DA, 43U5863DAS, 43U5863DB, 43U5863DB, 43U5863DB, 43U5863DG, 43U5863DG, 43U5863DG, 43U5863DG, 43U6863DA, 43U6863DA, 43U6863DA, 43U6863DB, 43U6863DB, 43U6863DB, 43U6863DG, 43U6863DG, 43U6863DG, 43U6863DG, 43U6869DA, 43V5863DA, 43V5863DA, 43V5863DB, 43V5863DB, 43V5863DG, 43V5863DG, 43V5863DG, 43V6763DA, 43V6763DB, 43V6763DG, 43V6863DA, 43V6863DA, 43V6863DAT, 43V6863DB, 43V6863DB, 43V6863DG, 43V6863DG, 49T6863DA, 49T6863DA, 49T6863DB, 49T6863DG, 49T6863DG, 49U5863DA, 49U5863DA, 49U5863DA, 49U5863DA, 49U5863DAL, 49U5863DAS, 49U5863DB, 49U5863DB, 49U5863DB, 49U5863DBL, 49U5863DG, 49U5863DG, 49U5863DG, 49U5863DG, 49U6863DA, 49U6863DA, 49U6863DA, 49U6863DB, 49U6863DB, 49U6863DB, 49U6863DG, 49U6863DG, 49U6863DG, 49U6863DG, 49U6869DA, 49U7863DA, 49U7863DA, 49U7863DA, 49U7863DAT, 49U7863DB, 49U7863DB, 49U7863DB, 49U7863DBC, 49U7863DG, 49U7863DG, 49U7863DG, 49U7863DG, 49U7863DG, 49U7863DG, 49U7866DA, 49V5863DA, 49V5863DA, 49V5863DAL, 49V5863DAR, 49V5863DAT, 49V5863DB, 49V5863DB, 49V5863DBT, 49V5863DG, 49V5863DG, 49V5863DG, 49V6763DA, 49V6763DA, 49V6763DB, 49V6763DB, 49V6763DG, 49V6763DG, 49V6863DA, 49V6863DA, 49V6863DAT, 49V6863DB, 49V6863DB, 49V6863DG, 49V6863DG, 49V6863DG, 50U5863DA, 50U5863DA, 50U5863DA, 50U5863DA, 50U5863DAT, 50U5863DB, 50U5863DB, 50U5863DB, 50U5863DG, 50U5863DG, 50U5863DG, 50U5863DG, 50U5863DG, 50U6863DA, 50U6863DA, 50U6863DA, 50U6863DB, 50U6863DB, 50U6863DB, 50U6863DB, 50U6863DG, 50U6863DG, 50U6863DG, 55T6863DA, 55T6863DA, 55T6863DB, 55T6863DB, 55T6863DB, 55T6863DG, 55T6863DG, 55U5863DA, 55U5863DA, 55U5863DA, 55U5863DA, 55U5863DA, 55U5863DA, 55U5863DAS, 55U5863DB, 55U5863DB, 55U5863DB, 55U5863DG, 55U5863DG, 55U5863DG, 55U5863DG, 55U6863DA, 55U6863DA, 55U6863DA, 55U6863DB, 55U6863DB, 55U6863DB, 55U6863DG, 55U6863DG, 55U6863DG, 55U6863DG, 55U6869DA, 55U7863DA, 55U7863DA, 55U7863DA, 55U7863DA, 55U7863DA, 55U7863DAT, 55U7863DB, 55U7863DB, 55U7863DBC, 55U7863DG, 55U7863DG, 55U7863DG, 55U7863DG, 55U7866DA, 55V5863DA, 55V5863DA, 55V5863DA, 55V5863DB, 55V5863DB, 55V5863DG, 55V5863DG, 55V5863DG, 55V5863DG, 55V6763DA, 55V6763DA, 55V6763DAL, 55V6763DB, 55V6763DB, 55V6763DG, 55V6763DG, 55V6863DA, 55V6863DA, 55V6863DA, 55V6863DAQ, 55V6863DAT, 55V6863DB, 55V6863DB, 55V6863DG, 55V6863DG, 65U5863DA, 65U5863DA, 65U5863DA, 65U5863DA, 65U5863DB, 65U5863DB, 65U5863DB, 65U5863DB, 65U5863DG, 65U5863DG, 65U5863DG, 65U5863DG, 65U5863DG, 65U6863DA, 65U6863DA, 65U6863DA, 65U6863DA, 65U6863DAT, 65U6863DB, 65U6863DB, 65U6863DB, 65U6863DB, 65U6863DG, 65U6863DG, 65U6863DG, 65U6863DG, 65U6863DG, 65U6863DG, 65U6863DG, 65U6869DA, 65UL2A63DG, 65V6763DA, 65V6763DA, 65V6763DB, 65V6763DB, 65V6763DG, 65V6763DG, 75U6763DA, 75U6763DB, 75U6763DG, 75U6763DG, 75U6863DA, 75U6863DA, 75U6863DB, 75U6863DB, 75U6863DG, 75U6863DG, 75U6863DG, FATMA_TEST, 43TL5A63DA, 43TL5A63DA, 43TL5A63DB, 43TL5A63DG, 43UL2A63DA, 43UL2A63DB, 43UL2A63DG, 43UL3A63DA, 43UL3A63DB, 43UL3A63DG, 43UL5A63DA, 43UL5A63DB, 43UL5A63DB, 43UL5A63DG, 43VL3A63DA, 43VL3A63DB, 43VL3A63DG, 43VL3A63DG, 43VL5A63DA, 43VL5A63DB, 43VL5A63DG, 49TL5A63DA, 49TL5A63DA, 49TL5A63DB, 49TL5A63DG, 49TL5ADB, 49TL7A63DA, 49TL7A63DB, 49TL7A63DG, 49UL2A63DA, 49UL2A63DB, 49UL2A63DG, 49UL3A63DA, 49UL3A63DB, 49UL3A63DG, 49UL5A63DA, 49UL5A63DB, 49UL5A63DB, 49UL5A63DG, 49UL7A63DA, 49UL7A63DB, 49UL7A63DG, 49VL3A63DA, 49VL3A63DB, 49VL3A63DG, 49VL5A63DA, 49VL5A63DB, 49VL5A63DG, 50VL5A63DA, 50VL5A63DB, 50VL5A63DG, 55TL5A63DA, 55TL5A63DA, 55TL5A63DB, 55TL5A63DG, 55TL7A63DA, 55TL7A63DB, 55TL7A63DG, 55UL2A63DA, 55UL2A63DB, 55UL2A63DG, 55UL3A63DA, 55UL3A63DB, 55UL3A63DG, 55UL5A63DA, 55UL5A63DB, 55UL5A63DB, 55UL5A63DG, 55UL7A63DA, 55UL7A63DB, 55UL7A63DG, 55VL3A63DA, 55VL3A63DB, 55VL3A63DG, 55VL5A63DA, 55VL5A63DB, 55VL5A63DG, 58UL2A63DA, 58UL2A63DB, 58UL2A63DG, 58UL3A63DA, 58UL3A63DB, 58UL3A63DG, 65UL2A63DA, 65UL2A63DB, 65UL2A63DG, 65UL3A63DA, 65UL3A63DB, 65UL3A63DG, 65UL5A63DA, 65UL5A63DB, 65UL5A63DG, 65VL5A63DA, 65VL5A63DB, 65VL5A63DG, 75VL5A63DA, 75VL5A63DB, 75VL5A63DG, 43UK4D63DB

Regime: 4K HDR Ultra HD
Device: TV
Model (2019): HE55A7000EUWTS, H55B8020, H55B8040, H55B8060, H55BE8000, H55BE8010, H55BE8050, H55B8000UK, H55BE8000UK, H55B8000, H55BE8030, H55U7B, H55U7BS, H55U7BN, H55U7BE, H55U7BUK, HE50A7000EUWTS , H50B8020, H50B8040, H50B8060, H50BE8000, H50BE8010, H50BE8050, H50B8000UK , H50BE8000UK, H50B8000, H50BE8030, H50U7B, H50U7BS, H50U7BN, H50U7BE, H50U7BUK, HE65A7000EUWTS , H65B8020, H65B8040, H65B8060, H65BE8000, H65BE8010, H65AE7450, H65B8000UK, H65BE8000UK, H65B8000, H65BE8030, H65U7B, H65U7BS , H65U7BN , H65U7BE , H65U7BUK, HE55U7A9EUWTSG, H55U8BE, H55U8BUK, H55U8B, HE65U7A9EUWTSG, H65U8B , H65U8BE, H65U8BUK, 43A6500EE, H43B7520, H43B7540, H43B7560, H43BE7400 , H43BE7410, H43BE7450, H43B7500UK, H43BE7400UK, H43B7500, H43BE7430, 50A6500EE, H50B7520, H50B7540, H50B7560, H50BE7400, H50BE7410, H50BE7450, H50B7500UK, H50BE7400UK, H50B7500, H50BE7430, 55A6500EE, H55B7500, H55B7520, H55B7540, H55B7560, H55BE7400, H55BE7410 , H55BE7430, H55BE7450 , H55B7500UK, H55BE7400UK, 65A6500EE , H65B7500, H65B7520, H65B7540, H65B7560, H65BE7400, H65BE7430, H65BE7450, H65B7500UK, H65BE7400UK, H65BE7410, H75B7510, H75B7530, H75B7550, H75B7570, H75BE7410, H75BE7430, H75BE7450, H75BE7470, H75BE7470, H75B7510UK, H75BE7410UK, HE55A8000KWTSG, H55O8B , H55O8BE , H55O8BUK, HE65A8000KWTSG, H65O8B , H65O8BE, H65O8BUK
Model (2018): H75U9A, H65U9A, H65U7A, H55U7A, H50U7A, H58A6500, H55A6500, H50A6500, H43A6500, H43A6250, H50A6250, H55A6250, H65A6250, H43A6200, H50A6200, H65A6200, H55A6550, H50A6550, H43A6550, H55A6200, H65U7AUK, H55U7AUK, H50U7AUK, H58A6540, H55A6540, H50A6540, H43A6540, H43A6270, H50A6270, H55A6270, H65A6270, H43A6220, H50A6220, H65A6220, H55A6550UK, H50A6550UK, H43A6550UK, H55A6220, H75U9AUK, H65U9AUK, H65AE7, H55AE7, H50AE7, H58A6520, H55A6520, H50A6520, H43A6520, H43A6260, H50A6260, H55A6260, H65A6260, H43A6210, H50A6210, H65A6210, H55AE6450, H50AE6450, H43AE6450, H55A6210, H58A6560, H55A6560, H50A6560, H43A6560, H43A6280, H50A6280, H55A6280, H65A6280, H43A6240, H50A6240, H65A6240, H55AE6450UK, H50AE6450UK, H43AE6450UK, H55A6240, H58AE6400, H55AE6400, H50AE6400, H43AE6400, H43AE6150, H50AE6150, H55AE6150, H65AE6150, H43AE6100, H50AE6100, H65AE6100, H58AE6410, H55AE6410, H50AE6410, H43AE6410, H43AE6160, H50AE6160, H55AE6160, H65AE6160, H43AE6110, H50AE6110, H65AE6110, H55AE6110, H58AE6420, H55AE6420, H50AE6420, H43AE6420, H43AE6170, H50AE6170, H55AE6170, H65AE6170, H43AE6120, H50AE6120, H65AE6120, H58AE6430, H58AE6430, H55AE6430, H50AE6430, H43AE6430, H43AE6180, H50AE6180, H55AE6180, H65AE6180, H43AE6140, H50AE6140, H65AE6140, H58A6500UK, H55A6500UK, H50A6500UK, H43A6500UK, H43A6250UK, H50A6250UK, H55A6250UK, H65A6250UK, H43A6200UK, H50A6200UK, H65A6200UK, H58AE6400UK, H55AE6400UK, H50AE6400UK, H43AE6400UK, H43AE6150UK
Model (2017): H43N5500, H43N5500UK, H43N5505, H43N5700, H43N5700UK, H43N5705, H43NEC5400, H43NEC5600, H43NEC5605, H45N5750, H45N5750UK, H45N5755, H45NEC5650, H45NEC5655, H49N5500, H49N5500UK, H49N5505, H49N5700, H49N5700UK, H49N5705, H49N6600, H49N6600UK, H49N6605, H49NEC5400, H49NEC5600, H49NEC5605, H49NEC6500, H50N5900, H50N5900UK, H50N5905, H50N6700UK, H50N6800, H50N6800UK, H50N6805, H50NEC5800, H50NEC6700, H55N5500, H55N5500UK, H55N5505, H55N5700, H55N5700UK, H55N5705, H55N6600, H55N6600UK, H55N6605, H55N6700UK, H55N6800, H55N6800UK, H55N6805, H55NEC5400, H55NEC5600, H55NEC5605, H55NEC6500, H55NEC6700, H55NEC8600, H55NU8700, H55NU8700UK, H55NU8705, H60N5700, H60N5700UK, H60N5705, H60N5708, H60NEC5600, H60NEC5600UK, H60NEC5605, H65N5750, H65N5750UK, H65N5755, H65N6700UK, H65N6800, H65N6800UK, H65N6805, H65NEC5650, H65NEC5655, H65NEC6700, H70NEC9600, H70NU9700, H70NU9700UK, H70NU9705, H75N5800, H75N5805, H75N5808, H75N6700UK, H75N6800, H75N6800UK, H75N6805, H75N6808, H75NEC5700, H75NEC5705, H75NEC6700, H75NEC6700UK, H75NEC9700, H75NU9800, H75NU9800UK, H75NU9805

Regime: 4K HDR Ultra HD
Device: TV
Model (2019): 65UM7600PLB, 65SM8200PLA , 55SM8200PLA , 49SM8200PLA , 65SM82007LA , 55SM82007LA , 49SM82007LA , 75UM7600PLB , 65UM7610PLB , 55UM7610PLB , 50UM7600PLB , 43UM7600PLB , 65UM76107LB , 55UM76107LB , 50UM76007LB , 43UM76007LB , 65UM7510PLA , 55UM7510PLA , 50UM7500PLA , 43UM7500PLA , 65UM7660PLA , 55UM7660PLA , 70UM7450PLA , 65UM7450PLA , 55UM7450PLA , 50UM7450PLA , 43UM7450PLA , 65UM74507LA , 55UM74507LA , 50UM74507LA , 43UM74507LA , 65UM7400PLB , 55UM7400PLB , 49UM7400PLB , 43UM7400PLB , 49UM7390PLC , 43UM7390PLC , 75UM7110PLB , 70UM7100PLA , 70UM7100PLA , 60UM7100PLB , 55UM7100PLB , 49UM7100PLB , 43UM7100PLB , 60UM71007LB , 55UM71007LB , 49UM71007LB , 43UM71007LB , 65SM8100PVA , 65SM8100PTA , 65SM8100PVA , 55SM8100PTA , 55SM8100PVA , 55SM8100PTA , 55SM8100PVA , 49SM8100PTA , 49SM8100PVA , 75UM7500PTA , 75UM7600PTA , 75UM7580PVA , 75UM7500PTA, 75UM7600PTA, 75UM7580PVA, 65UM7600PTA, 65UM7660PVA, 65UM7660PVA, 55UM7600PTA, 55UM7660PVA, 55UM7600PTA, 55UM7660PVA, 50UM7600PTA, 50UM7600PVA, 50UM7600PTA, 50UM7600PVA, 43UM7600PTA, 43UM7600PTA, 70UM7400PTA, 65UM7400PTA, 65UM7400PTA, 55UM7400PTA, 55UM7400PTA, 50UM7400PTA, 43UM7400PTA, 70UM7300PTA, 70UM7380PVA, 65UM7300PTA, 65UM7450PVA, 65UM7340PVA, 65UM7300PTA, 65UM7450PVA, 65UM7340PVA, 55UM7300PTA, 55UM7350PTD, 55UM7450PVA, 55UM7340PVA, 55UM7300PTA, 55UM7350PTD, 55UM7450PVA, 55UM7340PVA, 50UM7300PTA, 50UM7340PVA, 50UM7300PTA, 50UM7340PVA, 49UM7300PTA, 49UM7340PVA, 49UM7310PVD, 49UM7300PTA, 49UM7340PVA, 49UM7340PVA, 49UM7310PVD, 43UM7300PTA, 43UM7340PVA, 43UM7300PTA, 43UM7340PVA, 75UM7180PVB, 65UM7100PTA, 65UM7100PVB, 60UM7150PTA, 60UM7100PTA, 60UM7100PVB, 60UM7150PTA, 60UM7100PTA, 60UM7100PVB, 55UM7100PTA, 55UM7100PVB, 55UM7100PTA, 55UM7100PVB, 49UM7100PVA, 49UM7100PTA, 49UM7100PTA, 49UM7100PVB, 43UM7100PTA, 43UM7150PTA, 43UM7100PVB, 43UM7100PTA, 43UM7150PTA, 50UM7700PTA, 43UM7780PTA, 75UM7980PTA, 65UM7960PTA, 55UM7960PTA, 50UM7850PTA, 43UM7850PTA, 70UM7880PTA, 55SM8100PWA, 49SM8100PWA, 75UM7600PWA, 75UM7600PWA, 65UM7600PWA, 65UM7500PWA, 55UM7600PWA, 55UM7500PWA, 50UM7600PWA, 70UM7300PWA, 65UM7300PWA, 55UM7300PWA, 49UM7300PWA, 43UM7300PWA, 65SM8600PLA, 65SM9800PLA, 55SM9800PLA, 65SM98007LA, 65SM98007LA, 55SM98007LA, 86SM9000PLA, 75SM9000PLA, 65SM9010PLA, 55SM9010PLA, 49SM9000PLA, 65SM90107LA, 55SM90107LA, 49SM90007LA, 75SM8610PLA, 65SM8600PLA, 55SM8600PLA, 49SM8600PLA, 65SM86007LA, 55SM86007LA, 49SM86007LA, 65SM8500PLA, 55SM8500PLA, 49SM8500PLA, 86UM7600PLB, 82UM7600PLB, 65SM9450PTA, 65SM9500PTA, 65SM9500PVA, 65SM9000PTA, 65SM9000PVA, 55SM9000PTA, 55SM9000PVA, 75SM8600PTA, 65SM8600PTA, 65SM8600PVA, 55SM8600PTA, 55SM8600PVA, 55SM8600PTA, 55SM8600PVA, 49SM8600PTA, 49SM8600PVA, 86UM7600PTA, 86UM7580PVA, 86UM7500PTA, 82UM7600PTA, 82UM7500PTA, 82UM7580PVA, 86UM7960PTA, 75SM9000PWA, 65SM9000PWA, 55SM9000PWA, 65SM8600PWA, 55SM8600PWA, 86UM7600PWA, OLED55B9PLA, OLED77B9PLA, OLED65B9PLA, OLED65B9PLA, OLED55B9PLA, OLED65B97LA, OLED55B97LA, OLED65B9PTA, OLED65B9PVA, OLED55B9PTA, OLED55B9PVA, OLED55B9PWA,  OLED55C9PLA, OLED65R9PLA, OLED88Z9PLA, OLED55B9PLA, OLED77W9PLA, OLED65W9PLA, OLED65E9PLA, OLED55E9PLA, OLED65E97LA, OLED55E97LA, OLED77C9PLA, OLED65C9PLA, OLED55C9PLA, OLED65C97LA, OLED55C97LA, OLED65C9MLB, OLED55C9MLB, OLED65C98LB, OLED55C98LB, OLED65R9PTA, OLED88Z9PTA, OLED77W9PTA, OLED77W9PVA, OLED65W9PTA, OLED65W9PVA, OLED65E9PTA, OLED65E9PVA, OLED55E9PTA, OLED77C9PTA, OLED77C9PVA, OLED65C9PTA, OLED65C9PVA, OLED55C9PTA, OLED55C9PVA, 75SM9900PTA, OLED65W9PWA, OLED65E9PWA, OLED77C9PWA, OLED65C9PWA, OLED55C9PWA
Model (2018): 55SK8500PLA, 65SK9500PLA, 55SK9500PLA, 65SK9500LLA, 55SK9500LLA, 65SK8500PLA, 49SK8500PLA, 65SK8500LLA, 55SK8550LLA, 49SK8500LLA, 75SK8100PLA, 65SK8100PLA, 55SK8100PLA, 49SK8100PLA, 65SK8100LLA, 55SK8100LLA, 49SK8100LLA, 65SK8000PLB, 55SK8000PLB, 49SK8000PLB, 86UK6500PLA, OLED55B8PLA, OLED65B8PLA, OLED65B8LLA, OLED55B8LLA, OLED65B8SLB, OLED55B8SLB, OLED65B8NLB, OLED55B8NLB,  OLED65C8PLA, OLED77W8PLA, OLED65W8PLA, OLED65G8PLA, OLED65E8PLA, OLED55E8PLA, OLED65E8LLA, OLED55E8LLA, OLED77C8LLA, OLED55C8PLA, OLED65C8LLA, OLED55C8LLA, 65UK6450PLC, 70UK6950PLA, 65UK7550PLA, 55UK7550PLA, 49UK7550PLA, 65UK7550LLA, 55UK7550LLA, 49UK7550LLA, 65UK7550MLA, 55UK7550MLA, 49UK7550MLA, 75UK6500PLA, 65UK6500PLA, 55UK6500PLA, 50UK6500PLA, 43UK6500PLA, 65UK6500LLA, 55UK6500LLA, 50UK6500LLA, 43UK6500LLA, 65UK6500MLA, 55UK6500MLA, 50UK6500MLA, 43UK6500MLA, 65UK6950PLB, 55UK6950PLB, 50UK6950PLB, 43UK6950PLB, 65UK6750PLD, 55UK6750PLD, 50UK6750PLD, 43UK6750PLD, 65UK6470PLC, 55UK6470PLC, 50UK6470PLC, 49UK6470PLC, 43UK6470PLC, 65UK6300PLB, 55UK6300PLB, 50UK6300PLB, 49UK6300PLB, 43UK6300PLB, 65UK6300LLB, 55UK6300LLB, 50UK6300LLB, 49UK6300LLB, 43UK6300LLB, 65UK6300MLB, 55UK6300MLB, 50UK6300MLB, 49UK6300MLB, 43UK6300MLB, 65UK6400PLF, 55UK6400PLF, 49UK6400PLF, 43UK6400PLF, 75UK6200PLA, 60UK6200PLA, 55UK6200PLA, 49UK6200PLA, 43UK6200PLA,  65UK7500PTA, 55UK7500PTA, 49UK7500PTA, 65UK7550PTA, 55UK7550PTA, 49UK7550PTA, 65UK7500PVA, 55UK7500PVA, 49UK7500PVA, 49UK7500PWA, 75UK6500PTB, 70UK6540PTA, 55UK6500PTC, 50UK6500PTC, 65UK6540PTD, 55UK6540PTD, 50UK6540PTD, 43UK6540PTD, 65UK6700PVD, 55UK6700PVD, 50UK6700PVD, 43UK6700PVD, 75UK6500PWB, 70UK6540PWA, 65UK6540PWD, 55UK6540PWD, 65UK6500PWC, 55UK6500PWC, 50UK6500PWC, 65UK6300PTE, 55UK6300PTE, 50UK6300PTE, 49UK6300PTE, 43UK6300PTE, 65UK6320PTE, 55UK6320PTE, 50UK6320PTE, 49UK6320PTE, 49UK6320PTE, 43UK6320PTE, 65UK6340PTF, 55UK6340PTF, 43UK6340PTF, 65UK6400PVC, 55UK6400PVC, 49UK6400PVC, 43UK6400PVC, 65UK6330PTF, 49UK6320PWE, 43UK6320PWE, 55UK6320PWE, 60UK6200PTA, 49UK6200PTA, 43UK6200PTA, 65UK7500PVA, 55UK7500PVA, 49UK7500PVA, 75UK7050PVA, 70UK7000PVA, 65UK6700PVD, 55UK6700PVD, 50UK6700PVD, 65UK6500PVA, 55UK6500PVA, 75UK7050YVA, 75UK7050YVA, 70UK7000YVA, 65UK6700YVD, 55UK6700YVD, 50UK6700YVD, 65UK6400PVC, 55UK6400PVC, 49UK6400PVC, 43UK6400PVC, 65UK6300PVB, 55UK6300PVB, 50UK6300PVB, 49UK6300PVB, 43UK6300PVB, 65UK6300YVB, 55UK6300YVB, 50UK6300YVB, 49UK6300YVB, 43UK6300YVB, 60UK6200PVA, 55UK6200PVA, 49UK6200PVA, 43UK6200PVA, 60UK6200YVA, 55UK6200YVA, 49UK6200YVA, 43UK6200YVA, 43UK6200YVA
Model (2017): OLED__W7V-Z, OLED__G7V-Z, OLED__E7V-Z, OLED__E7N-Z, OLED__C7V-Z, OLED__C7D-Z, OLED__B7V-Z, OLED__B7D-Z, SJ957V-ZA, SJ955V-ZA, SJ950V-ZA, SJ9509-ZA, SJ850V-ZA, SJ8509-ZA, SJ810V-ZA, SJ8109-ZA, SJ800V-ZB, UJ750V-ZB, UJ7507-ZB, UJ7509-ZB, UJ701V-ZC, UJ675V-ZA, UJ670V-ZD, UJ655V-ZB, UJ651V-ZA, UJ6517-ZA, UJ6519-ZA, UJ635V-ZF, UJ634V-ZD, UJ630V-ZA, UJ6307-ZA, UJ6309-ZA, UJ620V-ZA

Regime: 4K HDR Ultra HD
Device: TV
Model(2019): 43HAK6152, 50HAK6152, 55HAK6152, 58HAK6152, 65HAK6152, 43HK5605, 65HT8060UD 65″ 4K SMART LED TV, U50K6100, 75HL7100, 43F501HK5000, 43F501HK6000, 43F52HK6000, 43FK5HK6500, 43HK5000, 43HK6000, 43HK6001, 43HK6001W, 43HK6002, 43HK6002W, 43HK6500, 43HL7000, 49F501HK5000, 49HK5000, 49HK6000, 49HK6001, 49HK6001W, 49HK6002, 49HK6002W, 49HK6500, 49HK7000, 49HK7500, 49HL7000, 50HK5100, 50HK6500, 55F501HK5000, 55F52HK6000, 55HK5000, 55HK6000, 55HK6001, 55HK6001W, 55HK6002, 55HK6002W, 55HK6003W, 55HK6100U C, 55HK6500, 55HK7000, 55HK7500, 55HL7000, 65HK6500, 65HK7000, 65HK7500, 65HL7000, 65HL7000 A, 75HL7000, U43K6000, U49K6000, U55K6000, U65L7000, 43HL8000, 43HL8000K, 49HL8000, 55HL8000, 55HL8000K, 65HL8000 A, 65HL8000 B, 65HL8000K, 65HL8500T, 55HL9000G, 65HL9000G, 43HK25T74U H, 50HK25T74U H, 50HK25T74U I, 55HK25T74U H, 55HK25T74U I, 65HL26T64U H, 75HL26T64U
Model (2020): 43HK6000, 43HK6500, U43K6000, U49K6000, U50K6000, U55K6000, U65L7000, 43FK5HAK5750, 43HAK5751, 50HAK5751, 55HAK5751, 58HAK5751, 65HAK5751, 43F52HK5600, 49HK5600, 49HK6100, 55F501HK6100, 55F52HK5620, 55FIT25HK5601, 58F501HK5601, 65F501HK5600, U43K6100W, U55K6100W, 43HAK6150U A, 50HAK6150U A, 55HAK6150U A, HT65U6100C, U65L7100, 43HAK6150U H, 50HAK6150U H, 55HAK6150U H, 58HAK6150U, 65HAK6150U, 50HK6100U C, 65HL7101U A, 43F501HK6100, 43HK6100U, 43HK6600, 43HL7100U, 49HK6600, 50AC201HK6100, 50HK6100U, 50HK6100U A, 50HK6600, 50HL7100U, 50HL7100U A, 55AC201HK6100, 55F52HK6100, 55HK6100U, 55HK6100U A, 55HK6100U D, 55HK6600, 55HL7100U, 55HL7100U A, 58HK6100U, 58HK6100U C, 65HK6600, 65HL7100U, 65HL7101U B, HT43U6100C, HT50U6100C, HT55U6100C
Model (2021): 55HK6100U F, 58HK6100U A, 43HK6003W, 49HK6003W, 55HK6003W, 43HAK6157, 50HAK6157, 55HAK6157, 43HK5607, 49HK5607, 50HK5607, 50HK6100U E, 55HK5607, 65FB32HAK5751, 58HAK6157, 50F501HAK5750, 50F52HAK5751, 58F501HAK5750, 58F52HAK5750, 43F501HK5601, 58FIT25HK5600, 58FITHK5600, 65F52HK5600

Regime: 4K HDR Ultra HD
Device: TV


Model (2022): LED-438UHD, LED-508UHD, LED-558UHD, LED-658 SLIM/UHD

Model (2021): A43UHD1119WS

Model (2022): LED-658UHD-SLIM


Model (2022): ALU10043, ALU10050, ALU10055, ALU10165, VQU10043, VQU10050, VQU10055, VQU10065, VQU11055+, VQU11065+

Model (2021): CHLED55EUNB4K, CHLED65DSW

Continental Edison
Model (2019): CELED65SA20B3V2

Model (2020): CR-TV40700S, CR-TV49700S

Model (2022): 55DMA55UB, 65DMA55UB, 70DMA55UB, 43DMA56UB, QL55DMA67UB, QL70DMA67UB

Model (2020): 43US181/3, 43UW181W, 49UW181, 55US174/2, 55UW181, 65US172/3, 50551UHDSA, 55551UHDS, 43292UHDHDR (A), 55292UHDHDR (A), 65292UHDHDR (A), 55US191, 43292UHDHDR, 49292UHDT2FVP, 50292UHDHDR (A), 50UHDHDR(A), 58UHDHDR(A)
Model (2021): 50T21UHDA, 58292UHDHDR, U43DGA50, U55DGA50

Model (2022): U43DGA50/1, U55DGA50/1

Model (2019): DL50U550P1CW, DL49U500P4CWH

Model (2023): LE43H552

EAS Electric
Model (2020): E75AN90

Model (2022): 43 QLED
Model (2023): ED49B00UHD-VE, ED55B01UHD-VE


Model (2021): ELIT L-4320UHDTS2, ELIT L-5019UHDTS2, ELIT L-5520UHDTS2

Model (2020): 43 UHD-H600 black smart tv ERP, 43UHD-H600 BLANC SMART TV ERP, 43UHD-H600 NOIR SMART TV ERP
Model (2023): 43UHD-ASB

Model (2019): F43SUHD19B

Model (2019): 43-FAE-9060, 55-FAE-9060, 65-FAE-9060, 50-FUD-7060, 65-FUE-8160
Model (2020): FIN43UTV850BK, FIN55UTV850BK, 50-FUD-7020, FL5530CBU, FX49296B40Q2P, FX55292B40Q2P, 43-FUE-7051, 55-FUD-7061, 55-FUE-8160, 58-FUE-7060, FL5032 UHD, 55-FUE-7051, FX50551S39V2P, 50-FAF-9020, 55-FAF-9020, 43-FUD-8020 (A)
Model (2021): 43-FUF-7070, 50-FUF-7070, 43-FUF-8260, 50-FUF-8260, 65-FUF-8260, 55-FUF-8260, 42-FUF-7070, 58-FAF-9020, 58-FUF-7070
Model (2022): 55UHD4005
Model (2023): 58-FAH-9060
Model (2024): 50-FUI-7071

Model (2019): TVU50W652STWEB
Model (2020): TVU43W652STWEB, TVU55W652STWEB, TVU65W652STWEB

Model (2022): TVQ43X852GWEB, TVQ50X852GWEB, TVQ55X852GWEB, TVQ65X852GWEB

Model (2020): 50H500UDS, 55H500UDS, 65H500UDS, 43H600UDS, 50H600UDS, 50H600UDSI

Model (2021): 43HL7590U/C, 50HL7590U/C, 55HL7590U/C, 58HL7590U/C
Model (2024): 43HL7790U/D, 50HL7790U/D,

Model (2019): ULW50TS643SMART
Model (2023): 43 HYN 8100 AN4KHB

Model (2019): LT-43VA3000, LT-50VA3000, LT-55VA3000, LT-58VA6900, LT-40C800, LT-43C800, LT-43VU6955, LT-49C800, LT-50VU6905, LT-55C800, LT-58VU3000, LT-58VU6955, LT-65VU3000, LT-65VU8900
Model (2020): LT-43VUQ73I, LT-49VUQ73I, LT-50VUQ390I, LT-55VUQ73I, LT-43VA6900, LT-43VA6900P, LT-43VA6955, LT-43VA8900, LT-43VAQ690I, LT-49VA8900, LT-50VA6900, LT-50VA6900P, LT-50VA6955, LT-55VA6900, LT-55VA6900P, LT-55VA6955, LT-55VA8900, LT-58VA6900P, LT-58VA6955, LT-65VA6900, LT-65VA6900P, LT-65VA6955, LT-65VA8900, LT-43VU33T, LT-43VA3035, LT-50VA3035, LT-55VA3035, LT-55C800(A), LT-58VU3005, LT-43VA6975, LT-50VA6975, LT-55VA6975, LT-58VA6975, LT-65VA6975, LT-50VU6955, LT-55VU6955
Model (2021): LT-43VAQ300I, LT-55VU6905, LT-43VAQ300K, LT-50VAQ300K, LT-43VA6985, LT-50VA6985, LT-55VA6985, LT-55VAQ305I, LT-65VA6985, LT-50VU6985, LT-43V67LUA, LT-43V87LUA, LT-43VU3900, LT-43VU3905, LT-43VU63L, LT-43VU83L, LT-49V87LUA, LT-49VU63L, LT-49VU83L, LT-50VU3900, LT-50VU3905, LT-50VU63L, LT-55V87LUA, LT-55VU3900, LT-55VU3905, LT-55VU63L, LT-55VU83L, LT-65V81LU, LT-65V87LUA, LT-65VU3900, LT-55VAQ305K, LT-42VA3000, LT-65VA3000, LT-42VAI305K, LT-43A3500, LT-43AF6000, LT-50VAI305K, LT-55VAI305K, LT-58VA3035

Model (2022): LT-43VA3055, LT-50VA3055, LT-55VA3055, LT-65VA3055, LT-43VA3200, LT-50VA3200, LT-55VA3200, LT-65VA3200, LT-43VA3205I, LT-50VA3205I, LT-55VA3205I, LT-43VA3215I, LT-50VA3215I, LT-65VA3205I, LT-65VA3215I

Model (2020): 40 LED 6191 B, 43 LED 6191 B, 55 LED 6191 B, 55 LED 6192 B

Model (2021): 43LED2000, 55LED2000, GT43UHDLUXE, GT55UHDLUXE, GT75UHDLUXE

Model (2020): L40UE20, L55UE20(A), L50UE20(A), L65UE20(A), L43UE20(B), L55UE20(B)

Model (2019): LUHD43470, LAN43HVNB, LAN50HVNB, LAN55HVNB, LED55SMART, LED65SMART, LUX0143008/01, LUX0150010/01, LUX0155008/01, LUX0165003/01
Model (2020): LED50UHDBi, LU405HDR432, LUHD40DL4K, LAN49HVNB
Model (2021): LED43AND, LED43UHDA, LED50AND, LED50UHDA, LED58AND, LED58UHDA, LED55UHDA, LUX0158001/01
Model (2022): 43HVNB23, 50HVNB23, LAN43HVNB23, LAN50HVNB23

Model (2019): KB-502706FSM4K

Model (2022): JB-43QLED1811, JB-50QLED1811, JB-55QLED1811

Model (2021): MAR43UHDS (A)

Mitchell & Brown
Model (2019): JB-43UHD18114K, JB-43UHD18114KEL, JB-49UHD18114K, JB-49UHD18114KEL, JB-55UHD18114K, JB-55UHD18114KEL, JB-58UHD18114K, JB-65UHD18114K
Model (2020): KB-492706FSM4K, KB-552706FSM4K, JB-43UHD18114KBL, JB-50UHD18114KBL, JB-55UHD18114KBL, JB-501811FSM4K (A), JB-551811FSM4K (A), JB-651811FSM4K (B)
Model (2021): JB-50UHD18114K, JB-43UHD18114KA, JB-43UHD18114KBLA, JB-55UHD18114KA, JB-55UHD18114KBLA, JB-50UHD18114KA, JB-50UHD18114KBLA, JB-65UHD18114KBLA
Model (2022): JB-43UHD18114KAA, JB-55UHD18114KAA, JB-65UHD18114KBLAA

Model (2019): 43 UA8600, 43TA8600, 43UA8600, 49 UA8600, 49TA8600, 49UA8600, 55TA8600, 55UA8600, 65 UA7000, 65TA8600, 65UA8600
Model (2020): 49 UA8000, 55 UA6000, 55 UA8000, 43 UA6500, 43 UA8500, 49 UA8500, 50 UA6500, 55 UA6500, 55 UA8500, 58 UA6500

(2022): NI-43UA5001S, NI-50UA5001S, NI-55UA5001S, NI-43UA6001S, NI-50UA6001S, NI-55UA6001S,
Model (2023): NI-70UB7001S,
NI-75UB7001S, NI-70UB8001SE, NI-70UB8002S

(2019): ARF55UHD
Model (2019): ARF43UHD, ARF50UHD
Model (2022): NMAND43UHD, NMAND50UHD

Model (2020): 40690UV-TIB, ODL 55690UV-TIB, ODL 50740U-DIB, ODL 55740U-DIB
Model (2021): ODL 43740U-DIB

Model (2020): LT-1480 LED A230A, LT-1397 LED A230B, LT-1410 LED A230B
Model (2021): LT-Andr50 A01, LT-Andr55 A01, LT-1120 LED A230B, LT-1411 LED A230B, LTANDR65 A01, LT-ANDR70 A01, LT-ANDR65 A01, LT-ANDR75 A01, LT-Andr75 A01, LT-Andr5011A01

(2019): P43UPA2029A
Model (2020): P50UPA2029A, P50UPA2029A, P50UPA2029A(A), P55UPA2021A
Model (2021): P55UPA2029A, P50UPA2031A (Android), P50UAM2031A, P50UA2031A

Model (2022): P50UPF2032A

(2019): 40UNB810H, 43UNB815H, 49UNB810H, 50UNB820H, 55UNB820H, 65UNB825H

(2019): 43UAND8009, 50UAND8009, 55UAND8009, 65UAND8009
Model (2020): 43UAND8021, 50UAND8021
Model (2021): 58UAND8021

(2019): 55R7540U 55″ 4K ANDROİD TV
Model (2020): 50R7565UA 50″ 4K SMART LED TV, 43R754UA9 43″ 4K ANDROID TV, 50R754UA9 50″ 4K ANDROID TV, 55R754UA9 55″ 4K ANDROID TV, 43R754U 43″ 4K SMART TV, 43R855U 43″ 4K SMART TV, 49R856U 49″ 4K SMART TV, 50R753U GOLD 50″ 4K SMART TV, 50R753U SILVER 50″ 4K SMART TV, 50R754U 50″ 4K SMART TV, 50R855U 50″ 4K SMART TV, 55R753U GOLD 55″ 4K SMART TV, 55R754U 55″ 4K SMART TV, 55R855U 55″ 4K SMART TV, 55R856U 55″ 4K SMART TV, 58R754U 58″ 4K SMART TV, 65R754U 65″ 4K SMART TV, 55R752U 55″ 4K SMART TV, 65R754UA9 65″ 4K ANDROID TV, 55RH0LU 55″ 4K SMART LED TV
Model (2021): 55R754UA9SE 55″ 4K ANDROID TV, 55R754USE 55″ 4K SMART TV, 75R754U 75″ 4K SMART TV

 (2020): SMART50LED4K-WIFI-K, 43UA204, 43UA274, 43UA504, 50UA204, 50UA274, 50UA504, 55UA204, 55UA274, 55UA504, 58UA204, 58UA504, 43BA3704, 43UA220, 43UA330, 50BA3704, 50UA220, 50UA330, 55BA3704, 55UA220, 55UA330, 58UA220, 58UA330, 43UHS3804, 55UHS3804, 55 MILKYWAY, 55EA2204, 43 MILKYWAY, 43EA2204, 43EUS2204, 43XUS4404, 50UHS3804, 50XUS4404, 55EUS2204, 55XUS4404
Model (2021): 43XA4404
Model (2022): 43BXX9000

(2019): SB50LED5651, SB55LED5600/10, SB55LED5650, SB55LED5651, SB55LED6100, SB75LED5670, SB75LED5670/1
Model (2020):SB75LED5680

Schaub Lorenz
 (2019): 43LU-P9900, 43LU-P9900 WEIZ
Model (2020): SL43411US, SL 43416S, SL 50650S

Model (2020): S5520UA

Silva Schneider
Model (2020): LED 50.84 UTS

Model (2021): TV-VT43IR, TV-VT50IR

(2019): U43T52E
Model (2020): U50T52D, TW43U550O1CW, TW50U550O1CW, 43AO9UHD, 49AO9UHD, 55AO9UHD, 65AO8UHD (A), 65AO9UHD
Model (2021): 55AO9UHD (A), 58AO10UHD
Model (2022): TK70UHDA23B, TK43QLEDA23B, TK50QLEDA23B, TK65QLEDA23B, TK65UHDA23B

 (2019): D40U551N1CW, D43U446A, D43V800M4CWH, D50U551E1CW, D50V800M4CWH, D55U446A, D55V800M4CWH, D65V800M4CWH, H49UH62
Model (2020): D43U551J1CW, TE43292S31Y2P, TE49405S31Q2R, TE55292S26Q2P, TE65404S31Q2P, XU43J521, XU50J521, XU55J521, XU58J521, C49U446A, D40U289O4CWH, D40U297M4CW, D40U297M4CWI, D40U298N4CWH, D40U502N4CWH, D43U296E4CWH, D43U297N4CWH, D43U470N4CWH, D43U500F4CWH, D43U550E4CWH, D43U700M4CWH, D43U700M4CWHI, D49U297N4CWH, D49U700M4CWH, D50U550N4CWH, D50U600M4CWII, D55U296E4CWH, D55U297N4CWHI, D55U551N1CW, D55U700M4CWH, D65U400N1CW, D65U700M4CWH, H43UH60 (A), H49UH60, H55UH60, T50EX8520, C50U446A, C58U446A, D50U446A, D55U551N4CWH, D55U552L4CWH, D58U446A, D58U551N4CWH, D65U546A, XU43K521, XU50K521, XU55K521, XU58K521, XU65K529, 43HAK6150U H, 50HAK6150U H, 55HAK6150U H, 58HAK6150U, 65HAK6150U, 50HK6100U C, 65HL7101U A, 43F501HK6100, 43HK6100U, 43HK6600, 43HL7100U, 49HK6600, 50AC201HK6100, 50HK6100U, 50HK6100U A, 50HK6600, 50HL7100U, 50HL7100U A, 55AC201HK6100, 55F52HK6100, 55HK6100U, 55HK6100U A, 55HK6100U D, 55HK6600, 55HL7100U, 55HL7100U A, 58HK6100U, 58HK6100U C, 65HK6600, 65HL7100U, 65HL7101U B, HT43U6100C, HT50U6100C, HT55U6100C
Model (2021): 43DTU644, 55DTU644, 43DTU645, 50DTU645, 55DTU645, H50UH65, TE43550S39U2P, TE43554G52U2PA, TE43554G52V2PA, TE50554G52U2PA, TE50554G52V2PA, TE55554G52U2PA, TE55554G52V2PA, D65Q660Y1CW, H55UH65, H65UH65, H43A36, D75V975M2CWH, D43V950M2CWH, D50V950M2CWH, D55V950M2CWH, D65V950M2CWH, D70V950M2CWH
Model (2022): TFA43UA655, TFA55UA655, 43DTUA523, 50DTUA523, 55DTUA523, 65DTUA523
Model (2023): 43DTUA724, 50DTUA724, 55DTUA724, 65DTUA724
Model (2024): 43TLFUA8660

Model (2020): V55U6900S

Model (2021): 43VESA022, 43VESFA022

Model (2020): WP43U20P, WP50U20P, WP55U20P, WP654K20P, WP754K20P, 43WP4K19P, WP43W20P
Model (2021): WP4K4321, WP4K5021, WP4K5521, WP4K6522, WP4K4322BRD, WP4K5022BRD, WP4K5522BRD, WP4K6522BRD

Model (2020): XD50S34KVSAT

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