For consumers and end users to enjoy the best connectivity experience, they need the best performance from their Customer Premises Equipment (CPE): the Voice and Data Gateways used to connect their home to the broadband network provide by their ISP, Cable or DSL network providers. Those consumers are also putting increasing pressure on the Gateway thanks to video streaming, online gaming, and large file transfers.

Ensuring that gateways are up to the task has never been more important.

Why test Gateways?

Gateways must meet reasonable customer expectations and support all the features of up-to-date CPEs: wired and wireless high speed connectivity, support of USB mass storage devices and printers, telephony interfaces (wired and DECT/CAT-iq), automated provisioning, remote management, and so on.

When they do not, there is increased customer churn from affected users and larger numbers of support tickets generated. Both have financial and reputational implications for the manufacturer and the ISP / network operator. Testing is therefore vital, and the more thorough that testing the greater the impact.

Find out more about this in our blog: ‘CPE and Home Gateway testing: what is it and what are the challenges?’.

When should testing happen?

A gateway should be tested as part of the development process and be subject to a full and final QA test process ahead of delivery to an ISP.
The ISP will want the device tested before connecting to their network for the assurance that it will work not only under ideal conditions but also under real world conditions.

What is tested?

Resillion’s expert teams will use manual and automated testing to assess the quality, functional and non-functional performance of the Hard- and Software as defined by the requirements of the ISP and the gateway. The gateway can also be assessed to ensure it meets any relevant standards or regulations.

Tests can be conducted in a test lab which allows testing under ideal conditions. The test lab also allows network impairments to be introduced that recreate situations that might be found in consumers’ homes and offices.

Gateway Test Plan

A gateway test plan covers different blocks and functional characteristics, including:

  • LAN / Wi-Fi Speed tests and latency
  • Voice quality & functional tests
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Interoperability with other devices and network elements
  • Networking features
  • Radio Frequency performance
  • Provisioning
  • Redundancy & failover
  • Stability and robustness
  • Software & Hardware Security
  • Implementation of protocols

A plan, that might include additional tests, can be developed for a client’s particular requirement, taking account of the gateway device and the deployment conditions.

All this is done with one main target in mind: Make the Gateway users happy.

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