Qi Pre-Test Service

Resillion’s Qi Pre-Test allows WPC members to test the interoperability of their designs against the complete list of certified products, prior to applying for official certification, which increases the chance of passing the Commercial Qi Interoperability Test the first time.
At the Pre-Test, our engineers will examine the product to ensure it charges wirelessly, whether it transmits and receives (in terms of correct placement and orientation which is crucial for proper wireless charging), as well as any design limitations. The test plan can be developed or extended to follow your product’s precise requirements.
The Pre-Test also means you don’t have to wait until the final stage of development for fixes and critical modifications in your Qi implementation, letting you maintain critical mass-production timelines and provide an insight of compatibility, functionality and interoperability issues prior to release.

Qi Interoperability Test Service

A product being submitted for Qi certification will receive a final interoperability check at Resillion’s lab.

Once a Qi product has passed a three-part compliance test, it should be interoperable with other Qi products. To eliminate any possibility of Qi products not working together, the Consortium mandates interoperability testing with all previously certified products before the certificate is issued.

The product must have previously faced official compliance testing by a Qi Authorised Test Lab (ATL).

Qi Interoperability Testing

Resillion has been providing Qi Interoperability Testing for the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and its members for more than a decade.

Alongside interoperability testing, Resillion is also actively involved with different working groups of the WPC where our long-term experience in Qi Interoperability testing and other technologies contribute to collaborative discussions that further enhance the specification.

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