The recent surge in working from home and use of mobile devices has increased organisations’ attack surfaces and introduced a new set of information security issues to consider. Using a combination of tools, techniques and industry best-practice, Resillion reduces this risk and the attack surface to eliminate attack vectors that allow unauthorised access to your critical infrastructure.

All services have a baseline level of security which is then elevated by Resillion and tailored to your specific policies and in-house compliance requirements or industry standards (such as ISO 27001). Security hardening activity will validate your current processes, as well as effectiveness and desired outcome, ensuring that default configurations of your services don’t leave you vulnerable.

By reviewing the configuration of your services, we apply different techniques (depending on the tenancy type or your end-user devices) and use industry best-practice to highlight well-known security issues, misconfigurations, and dangerous or risky rules that leave you exposed.

The assessment is typically prioritised on a risk basis, where testing is concentrated on functions as posing the highest potential for direct or indirect loss or damage, with all required improvements translated into relevant context for your organisation.

Security hardening can be applied, but not limited, to:

  • Cloud services
    • MS365
    • AWS
    • Azure
  • End-user devices and other physical assets
    • BYOD estate and related policies
  • Traditional configuration reviews
    • Firewall ruleset
    • Server builds
    • General configurations

Security Assessment

Keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape. Identify vulnerabilities before attackers do.

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