Examine your organisation’s security posture and map out the associated risks in relation to your business context.

Threat modelling takes a step back from traditional cyber security approaches, taking a broader view to consider anything that could a negative impact on your organisation. Using the MITRE ATT&CK Framework as a basis, we build on this to uncover threats that might have otherwise gone unnoticed, or not properly accounted for and by taking a proactive approach, threats are addressed before they turn into bigger issues.

The model is applied to either your entire organisation, or even a specific project (such as a red team, or risk and compliance) – in which case threats and recommended actions will be adapted in alignment with your end goal. Objectives are defined at the beginning of the engagement, and within the scope of the threat model, we quantify the threat posed and prioritise appropriate remediation routes. Regular milestones and checkpoints are added to the model to allow for a review of actions and adjustments to the map where objectives may have changed or evolved in your organisation, to ultimately enhance your current processes.

All advice is tailored to your organisation, thanks to expertise grown through working with various industries. Threat modelling should be weaved into your development lifecycle to improve the end result.

Red Team

Keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape. Identify vulnerabilities before attackers do.
A best practice approach to cyber security should include regular and continuous testing, scanning and patching – always staying one step ahead.

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Cyber Strategy

Forward thinking and planning go a long way in strengthening your security posture – expect the unexpected and react appropriately when the time comes.

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Data protection & privacy consulting

Keep on top of data protection and regulatory requirements with the help of an expert consultant. Resillion supports you from policy development, to implementation, protecting your organisational risk and compliance.

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SecOps as a service

Adopt an innovative approach to monitor threats and assess risks across your entire organisation. Get access to a team of experts with the know-how of navigating even the most complex cyber issues.

Cyber Risk Management

Manage security risk in a coordinated, cohesive and consistent manner across all business units and functions.

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