Matter: the new standard for Connected Home Devices 

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Resillion is an enthusiastic supporter of Matter, the industry-unifying standard for Connected Things, and the Certification Scheme that will underpin its success.

Matter is a game changer. A new standard in connected devices interoperability, and one that is backed by the big names in the technology: Apple, Google, Amazon, IKEA and many more. Collectively, all those companies involved comprise the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), with the aim of providing more choice for the consumer through delivering a standard where connected devices can speak to each other, no matter who the manufacturer is. Resillion is proud to be part of this Alliance.  

Matter was launched in November 2022 and at CES – the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2023 – Matter devices featured heavily. Many commentators regarded them – and the standard – a highlight of the show. The Consumer Technology Association even awarded Matter its Mark of Excellence for Emerging Home Technology Product of the Year. No one is doubting the importance of Matter.   

From the launch, Matter has featured a product Certification Scheme run by the CSA and supported by authorised test labs around the world. A trusted certification scheme is essential for adoption of a new standard, providing manufacturers and consumers alike with confidence that products claiming to use the standard really will work seamlessly together.   

Resillion has been involved in getting the Matter Certification Scheme to market, with our engineers contributing to the development and refinement of test plans and tooling.   

In the summer of 2022, our Belgium lab hosted the European leg of the Matter 1.0 Specification Validation Event (SVE) where the standards, test plans, and tools were proven in practical settings and the first Matter products were tested for certification. Our senior engineer Jan Claes was pivotal in this work, something recognised by the CSA at their Members Event in November 2022 where the standard was officially launched.   

Now Matter Version 1.0 is launched, Resillion and other CSA Authorised Test Labs (ATL) can provide critical support for smart home product developers and manufacturers in getting Matter-enabled products to the market. We will be continuing to support the ongoing development of Matter through our involvement with the CSA and our work in Europe and China.   

So, how can we help your device ambitions to develop and launch Matter compliant devices? Resillion’s test labs can test your products so that they can be Matter certified. This includes full tests for new products, partial tests for updates and new versions. We can also support you with the CSA’s rapid recertification scheme, which includes both training your own testers and reviewing results. We can also help to guide you through the certification journey, especially if you are new to product certification processes, offer complementary support such as quality assurance in the product development cycle, and non-certification-based testing such as interoperability.  

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