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Exploring the next generation of wireless charging

Wireless charging is evolving, and the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) is keeping pace with the recent launch of two updates to its charging standards – Qi2 v2.0 and Ki. Designed as a single, unifying global standard, Qi2, in particular, is one to get to grips with because it will set the industry benchmark for safety, efficiency and interoperability.   

Our experts are at the core of this work and bring you updates from the frontline.  

Key Qi developments 

Qi2 has introduced a new Magnetic Power Profile (MPP) to join the existing power profiles, the Baseline Power Profile (5W) and the Extended Power Profile (5W to 15W). MPP delivers a fixed 15W wireless charging, achieving alignment via an array of magnets which benefits the charging efficiency and user experience; no longer fiddling around to find the best position. It’s based on Apple’s MagSafe(R) technology but is not limited to Apple products. Along with the new power profile, Qi2 also improves authentication, cutting out non-certified chargers that can potentially introduce safety issues; this is a big safety win. 

Our lab in Shenzhen is one of the two Interoperability Test Centres that play a crucial role in the certification process for WPC’s new charging standard. Located at the heart of where most wireless charging products are developed, we’re noting a lot of enthusiasm for this new standard. The Qi2 standard will enhance the wireless charging industry’s alignment, efficiency and safety. Already, the latest Apple iOS update has enabled Qi2 for the iPhone 12 to 15 product series, confirming the standard’s value to the industry.   

Work on developing standards never stands still. The WPC is currently looking at using Qi to spearhead support for higher power levels (25 and 50W). It also intends to cover smartwatch charging which, in many cases, is still a proprietary factor. 

A further milestone: The Ki Cordless Kitchen standard 

Designed for the wireless charging of kitchen appliances, the Ki standard represents a shifting of gears to achieve the launch of certification later this year. This important step will set agreed standards for wireless technology that will make virtually any type of kitchen appliance cordless and smart.  

As an approved Test Lab candidate, we will be at the heart of this, performing a crucial role in the testing of this standard. We also hosted the inaugural and highly popular Ki Plugfest last year and will be hosting a second Plugfest in June. 

The Standard and Quality Team supporting the new certification is expanding and more new members are joining, all experienced in kitchen appliances. Each team member has the same goal – to create a standard that removes the clutter of messy wires in a kitchen. 

Our team will be attending the WPC’s next meeting in San Diego, USA and we’re really looking forward to meeting other WPC members.  

If you’re going, please come and say hello to explore how to implement these important standards.  

Qi 2.0 and Ki: what's new?

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