Digital Transformation is a massive subject encompassing a huge and wide variety of different Business and IT topics. Digital Transformation typically demands the modernisation of both IT and Business processes and toolsets. From a QA perspective this means aligning with the latest service delivery lifecycle methodologies such as DevSecOps and CI / CD approaches and supporting new initiatives such as an organisation’s expansion into the worlds of greater automation and IoT world.  

To achieve the best result it is key to have the relevant and necessary expertise available and on hand throughout the Digital Transformation journey. This is the case right from the start and partnering with the best fit suppliers who are leaders in their field is a sure way to bake success into each programme from the starting point. 

sharon hamilton webinar    Mark Simpson of Griffiths Waite

Using real life case studies and examples Sharon Hamilton MD of Resillion UK and Mark Simpson Engineering Director at Griffiths Waite will illustrate:

  • What makes a good third-party supplier
  • Key characteristics of a valued partner
  • Ensuring success, accelerating progress against key objectives
  • How do you build two-way trust
  • Ensuring the client / supplier partnership remains fresh, open and relevant

You will gain: 

  • A better understanding of the key attributes to look out for when selecting Third Party QA and Development partners
  • A stronger understanding of how using third parties can lead to success within a DT Programme
  • Identify key early phase activities where an effective third-party supplier can make the difference
  • Confirmation of the key areas where companies and suppliers both succeed and fail to work together to create a ‘one team’ ethic.

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