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Virtual Security Officer – Need to Know

Protecting your organisation from outsider threat should be of utmost importance – effective cyber security measures keep both your data and systems safe and ensure you’re able to focus on what you do best, running your organisation of course! It may seem like a daunting task, you may be wondering just exactly where to start, or who is going to help you on your cyber security journey and implement controls that create a strong and safe environment to work in.

Written by Mehrnaz Pour Morshed

Introducing the Virtual Security Officer!

As per ISO27001 and NEN7510, it is mandatory to hold someone within your organisation responsible for information security, but finding the right person for the role, internally or externally, can prove challenging. May we introduce you to the Virtual Security Officer (VSO)?

A VSO creates added value by assessing, advising, implementing and monitoring your cyber security posture. They can assess the cyber security maturity of your organisation, giving you appropriate advice and guiding you, with practical support, to improve your organisation’s security strategy and controls. Any activities that were defined as objectives in the cyber security governance policy will also be monitored.

That’s a very brief overview of what a VSO can do for you, but there’s a few more things that they’ll also work on. A VSO will also look at other areas for improvement within your organisation, developing a robust plan consisting of actions and advice to leave you secure.

Discover the advantages of a Virtual Security Officer.

Business continuity

Information security is often seen as an additional task and doesn’t receive the attention it deserves – until an incident occurs and prevents you from operating as you usually would. A VSO will look at your Business Continuity plans to ensure that they’re robust, developing them where necessary, and will allow you to continue your daily operations just like you usually would.

Full control over information security

Your employees play a crucial role in your overall cyber security posture, they are the easiest target for cyber criminals looking to get a foothold on your network and maybe some of your precious data. Employing a Virtual Security Officer ensures that there is more control over information security, mapping out any bottlenecks and devising solutions collaboratively. This encourages awareness of cyber risks amongst employees, helping to develop a culture where cyber security is a key area of focus.

Meeting customer demands

Customers are increasingly expecting more from organisations (and rightly so!) on how their personal data is stored or processed and whether this in line with regulation. Your VSO will ensure that all framework standards have been met and, in turn, keep your customers happy about their data.

Less financial risks

Naturally, you want to avoid any regulatory fines following a data breach, or losing your customer base due to either reputational damage or having poor information security practices. These costs, or the loss of turnover, can and should be prevented.

Quickly deployable

Getting someone up to speed via training costs both time and money – especially when you need to implement changes quickly. You want someone who can hit the ground running, immediately working on your information security – after all, your new VSO will have a wealth of experience from working with other organisations, all of which can prove valuable in strengthening your cyber security posture.

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