Resillion guided solutioning:

Resillion will partner with your business to assess the best areas for AI enablement. Building a comprehensive map of AI support opportunities for every aspect of your delivery lifecycle, tailored to your delivery approach

Innovative AI Injection:

Resillion’s approach will look at all possible AI opportunities, across all areas of the software delivery lifecycle, using our comprehensive understanding of “off-the-shelf” AI tool expertise alongside Resillion’s own internal AI R&D department. We can support AI enablement your organisation needs.

Comprehensive cyber security:

Robust security testing protocols to safeguard your applications against the latest cyber threats.

Industry proven Advantages

Automation and Cost/Time Efficiency:

Resillions AI Partnering Strategy will identify and automate your critical but repeatable tasks, accelerate development cycles, and enhance overall efficiency in software delivery processes.

AI can assist with code generation for automation frameworks, identifying defect hotspots, efficient deployment improvements, and monitoring and executive reporting, freeing your critical human resources to focus on more complex and creative tasks

Enhanced Quality Assurance and Cyber Security:

AI-powered testing techniques, such as automated testing based on actual usage patterns, can identify bugs, cyber vulnerabilities, and performance issues more effectively.

By supporting the analysis of code, data, and user interactions, AI can support a significantly better understanding and improvement of your software quality

Resillion AI Partnering Strategy implements AI supported Predictive Maintenance:

AI supported monitoring and analysis of software systems and delivery processes, in real-time, detecting potential issues and predicting failures before they occur.

Proactive problem-solving reduces downtime, enhances reliability, and improves the overall user experience

Intelligent Analytics and Insights:

AI can analyze vast amounts of data generated throughout the software delivery lifecycle, providing valuable insights and actionable recommendations.

It identifies patterns, trends, and correlations, helping organizations make data-driven decisions to optimize processes and drive business outcome

Personalization and User Experience

By analyzing user behaviour, preferences, and context, AI enables personalized user experiences.

It adapts software features, interfaces, and interactions to meet individual user needs, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement

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Client Success Stories: Cyber Security

Enhanced a leading fintech app’s security, reducing breach risk by 98%.

Client Success Stories: E-commerce Efficiency

Cut down testing time by 70% for a major e-commerce platform, accelerating their go-to-market strategy.

Resillion services: Take the journey together

Consulting led Assessment and Solutioning:

Resillion AI Partnering Strategy will partner with your organisation to review your Quality Engineering and Security operations and define an AI-enabled solution roadmap to enhance all aspects of your business.

Off the Shelf AI Solutions

A comprehensive library of AI solutions from our Quality Engineering and Cyber Security partners will be included in our solutions where appropriate.


Bespoke, Tailored AI Solutions:

If your set of Quality Engineering needs cannot be satisfied by OTS solutions Resillion can utilise its’ R&D and Centres of Excellence to build bespoke solutions.

Cyber Security audits:

In-depth vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to fortify your software’s defences.

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